Wow, And Wow! Again.  This Was A Great Gift To Be Left With From One Of Our Favorite Repeat Guests.

Testimonials from our Salvage B&B guests are great… see for yourself

We have a journal in each of the Tiny Texas Organic Houses that are available for B&B guests, the members of our site being the intended beneficiaries of course. This is why we have offered the Free days with every membership and hope to thus help others fulfill their dream of downsizing and simplifying just like Thoreau and Emmerson espoused more than a century ago. It still applies and we have the “Walden Pond” you can come visit, paint next to, and experience from the organic cottage you might also want to build one day.

Wow, and Wow! again. This was a great gift to be left with from one of our favorite repeat guests.

Want to see where they all stayed? Check out this link to the music and video with a free offer for new members to let you try it out too.

See our Ice sheet?See the Gingered Swan in the background. See the green grass that is still growing. It will be here for a while as we go back up to 70 on Sunday. Want to get away?

The plans, the seminars for free to attend and learn how to design, create, even build yourself, from a chicken coop to a house for your mother or children, your family and friends…. all this is possible with 95% Pure Salvage and Human Energy. Come see, be part of the manifestation of an entire town from the imagination and human energy that is possible when enough positive people come together to show it can be done. After that, replicants, other Pure Salvage Outposts will evolve nearly without a push for people will be able to see and experience the difference living in an organic house, built from aged cellular tissue of trees that were 500 years old when cut. It is truly an experience that can chance some people’s health and thus lives.

On a nicer day just a couple weeks ago,

Here are some of the testimonials about what the songs of frogs, crickets, and other wild things mixed with sunrises on your porch, sunsets from your balcony, walks in the woods, and a fire by the pond can do for your when you are seeking time to be creative or relax. This is what we offer… an Oasis it the midst of three storms, Austin, Houston, and San Antonio where the high energy of Radio Waves, Micro Waves, noise pollution, air pollution, and much more can distract one from the important things in life at times. 45 minutes away is a quiet private paradise with clay baths to detox with and organic food, and a way to ground again as you transition from who you were to who you are going to be next year.

Yes the restaurant for gusts is nearly done too. This is a great step forward and we invite you to join us soon to see how it works.

Here is a great Music Video and Darby, our SavlageGuru telling you a bit about the Free Nights, Membership, and the purpose behind the Pure Salvage Living Renaissance. Please come back and join us again.

For you and those you love, the gift of a better life, of hopes and dreams that can be fulfilled yet, what better gift to give indeed but a quiet day, a chance to get away, and a path to a downsized simpler life you can offer that will open the doors to it becoming your lifestyle one day.