Testing the Salvage Mining waters of Port Arthur, Texas too.

 Yes it is true….. I am opening up the Pure Salvage Living Renaissance Treasure Box to test the idea of my Pure Salvage Clearinghouse and Network to help dismantle and save America from the dumps.  I mean the Land Fills that are consuming our heritage and our future independence from imports and the loss of all industry, building materials, and most importantly, the chance to teach our youngest generations the life skills it takes to be self sufficient in small groups, villages or tribes that have survived for thousands of years without electricity.  Just in case they should ever need it, I believe our generation of baby boomers is obligated at this late stage of our societal collapse, to gift the children born today with what we have left that can become homes, solutions, and a future they can be excited about instead of dreading.

port Arthur Salvage Mine

Here we go with another tempting tidbit in Port Arthur, Texas this time.  It is a decent size project that will likely produce enough material to build two or three tiny houses.  While not super fancy, it has lots of good basic parts and should be a great resource for someone in the mode of transitioning into the Pure Salvage Living Renaissance by doing the work, joining with friends for a big common project, or just gathering parts and pieces to sell and support your family while you use the best parts to build just one tiny home for you……

Even in the attic spaces, good wood still abounds.

Here is the first test of a far away project in New York, of all places.  Needless to say, from my warm and sunny perch here in the Heart of Sunny Texas, I am not interested in the adventure unless it were to happen on the few days of the year you have to match my weather, so I am determined to screen and find the people who might turn this into a win win situation for the owners and the Salvage Miners who are called to do the right thing NOW.


This is a matter of honorable people coming together to all give back something to our future.  One has assets that are no longer usable in their present form and the other party will honorably take the wood, fixtures, wiring, plumbing fixtures, and then dispose of the trash (the expensive part if any) in return for the reward of having the materials to build a dream with or sell to pay for the dream that might already be in progress.  The point is that if two honorable people can get together and agree to help each other, everyone in the whole world will benefit from the results, not just the two parties involved.

This is the principle of the Pure Salvage Living Renaissance that gets missed.  There was a time when we build our creations to last for lifetimes.  We offered our best and others, knowing the quality, were willing to honor our work and pay for it without griping about the cost because they knew in the long run, the quality would pay back many times over for generations to come.  We can defer the end of the planets resources by not throwing so much away after one use of it, rather using it until it can not be fixed, repurposed, or recycled before it ever reaches a landfill.  Likewise, our Word, our Honor should never be thrown away as if we have more we can buy cheap at Walmart or the local church of forgiveness for tithings on Sunday making it okay to throw it away again whenever one chooses, and buying a new Honor System on Monday.  This is about a Lifelong Honor System that includes our Planet Earth and the Generations that follow, not just the customer who buys what we build today.

I am hoping we will find like minded people with a True Sense of Honor, a desire to do Good Deeds, Act to make the World a better place, and enjoy the Fruits of Giving, of Loving the people and the Planet, both those we are familiar with, and the many people and parts we know nothing about, for now.

Please join me in this new Idealistic Vision that is simply an arm of the body of the Renaissance that will grow from Tiny Texas Houses and the Pure Salvage Living Renaissance.

Email me on our questions page at Pure Salvage Living and I will get back in touch as soon as i can.


My neighbor has a cool old 3 car garage/apartment in Port Arthur she would love to donate. If y’all could use the salvageables, would the deconstruction be free? The garage is located at 2801 13th St. in Port Arthur, TX 77640. Please let me know if y’all are interested. I’m kinda excited about this!