I Give Thanks For All We Have Been Given To Be Able To Do So Much Good With And To Thus Reach Our Full Potential During This Lifetime.  Thank You, Thank You, Thank You.

Thanksgiving for the present and a chance to see into the future

So much of what we think and do is based on what we believe we can do before we start.

 Sometimes it is the bear chasing us that gives us the inspiration and motive to change course.  Its not just what is behind you, it is what is ahead as well.  You don’t want to run into the bear’s den to hide.

To that end it is important to know how powerful the human mind and heart are and what the possibilities thus can be.  This post is intended to provide some portals to a reality than most have not been taught yet.  I hope some of you will take the time to watch the videos included in this post.

Storage ladder on the Arts and Crafts House.

Storage ladder on the Arts and Crafts House.


Here it is as we begin

Here it is as we begin, taken down by 3 inexperienced women over 49, and a few kids and I, in 8 days.

Some things take faith and a belief in one’s success to manifest, and without that conviction and willingness to give all it takes to prove a point or reach an “impossible goal” will rarely happen.

It is the energy of the heart and mind that manifests the passion that triggers us to move forward with creating our dreams out of our thoughts, our will, and willingness to do the work it will take to succeed.

Check out this great link to see how much the universe may actually be affecting your mind, body, and perhaps even your soul.


Tiny Texas Houses are intended to be a symbol of what can be done with ones creative life energy instead of watching TV or other distractions that in ones later years seem pointless and unproductive.

Another shot of the front door with its colored glass, great antique hardware, and beautiful trim gives the house great charm.

The shops bow loft entry is one of only a few done this way.  I love the rounded entry.

The shops bow loft entry is one of only a few done this way. I love the rounded entry.


Here is a great shot of the front door with its colored glass, great antique hardware, and beautiful that trim gives the house great charm and uniqueness of a true piece of art as well as a great house.

The Zebu Sister sit out in West Texas watching the sun go down.

The Zebu Sisters sit out in West Texas watching the sun go down.


As we simplify and focus more on bettering our bodies, minds, and spirit, things become less important as a source of identity to define who we are.

This is a difficult thing for many to consider and they will be reacting right now defensively most likely, but the truth only shows through when we detach ourselves from our things to clearly step back and define who we are without them and who would still be by our side if we did not have them to share with them.
Materialism, consumerism, and clinical depression have grown in our country at nearly the same rate. 45% of the population over 50 is taking anti depressants and the suicide rate in that age group and above is growing at epidemic speeds as they lose their homes, and sense of identity.

The more one has when they lose it all, the worse it can hurt initially, then the better it can feel once the load is gone, if they successfully make the transition that is.

helen shots 5

An example of the Teen Tiny solutions that could house a few of those who will need it, built out of 95% Pure Salvaged Materials.

I create Tiny Texas Houses to provide an alternative to what we have learned to be the American Dream in the last 60-80 years based on incredible marketing, cheap loans, and low quality housing that made it possible to build big, though disposable and toxic, homes that would make everyone feel like they were richer than the rest of the world.

I have designed the Tiny Texas Houses with the ethos to build with as few toxins as possible, with as few new materials that reduce the resources of the world and add poisons in the process of creating them.  This business is simply my way of getting the information out into the world for others to use as they choose.  Pictures, designs, and all the information one should need is practically free.  Hopefully many will take this model and run with it to create ever better solutions and an industry that will support, house, and provide solutions to so many people’s lives.


Sadly, most found out this became a ball and chain would consume their lives and leave them little time to see or be with the children, share their lives with others they love, for the taxes, insurance, house payment, maintenance, and accessories that we add to them entraps us in a debt that few understand the consequences of for may years.

Later, in retrospect, as we near retirement with large loans and debt overhead, it becomes harder, not easier, and thus the dream of retirement will not be there for most workers facing such reductions in household income today.

Arched Brownine final on sites 4

Mixing pieces and parts to create a home for the rest of your life is so much more fun that shopping at a big box building supply store.

Rather than settle for a cubicle in a big building one day, the Baby Boomer Generation could be paying attention to the need to downsize now, help pass laws to allow for it in the towns they live in, and then form small communities of like minded or aged people so as to share the burden of our own care rather than continue to believe the government, nice people, and relatives will take care of us until we die.  The remaining 25,000  kids of the next generation can not pay for and clean up the mess we leave behind and they surely will not be able to afford to pay for the elderly, soldiers, and social service dependent people in our country already, let alone when times get even tougher due to food shortages after these increasingly cold winters.

I am not sure what it will take to wake up the people in our society and many will say that this even is fear mongering or negative thinking rather than a simple call out into the blindness for some hope of sight and development of some sort of plan for the immediate future.  It is only an attempt to show others the answers that are being found which give us some Idea where we are going.

We are effected by so many things in the universe outside of our perception and will continue to find it even more of an influence as our living conditions on the planet change at exponential speeds.

I pray this message wakes a few to the idea that now, not later is the time to start creating the solutions you will need in 2-5 years.

I am so thankful for all I have been given in a life that has been hard at times, but full of lessons that enabled me to get to where I am now.  I would love to share the solutions I have found and do so in every way I can.  They are not for everyone nor do I pretend they are, but for those who want or need a solution and can not find one, consider the alternatives for they are where the least amount of competition is and the greatest chance of success.

The world is changing must faster than the average person is aware, and what is happening that contradicts the Climate Lie is nearly irrefutable now.


Thank you for following us and thinking about what you can do for those you care for and yourself as the world turns to a new temperature and financial paradigm.

The package we are offering for the end of this year is one with a DVD to teach people how to become Salvage Miners and get most of the materials for free to start building their own house or make a living from doing the salvaging.  It includes building plans, even in 3D, as well as other pieces to the puzzle that you will need if you want to move into an industry, regardless of your age or sex, and help manifest solutions for those you love, your community, church, or just for a business to help you attain other goals you have in life.  The materials can be free, just add the human energy and you will have all you could hope to find at your fingertips.  Then the work is up to you.  If you are interested, I hope this helps your cause.

I pray that we can all join together to initiate the solutions that people will need soon.  Thank you for being part of the solutions.

From inside you can see the light, the pigments full of joy, and feel the power of the heart that made it come to be.

From inside you can see the light, the pigments full of joy, and feel the power of the heart that made it come to be.

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.