These Could Look Sweet Next To The Entry In The Vestibule Up Front.

The Amazing Door Maze begins w/ imagination, doors, lumber, & sweat…. but Wow! It will be big!

Yes, though I thought a 30 x 60 tent would be good enough to fit all the doors I have in mind, I may end up needing another tent.  I want 400 doors or more and this may only fit a few hundred…. but we will soon see what will come from the mind of the Shaman of Salvage and the parts you could get for FREE!

Putting up the first of the walls to form the Amazing Door Maze and I thought about letting others know that part of the possible barter for helping is to get a door or two, for free or at a steep discount in return for coming out and helping get some of the events set up for October and the months that follow up till Christmas season, December when we may have a few events for the various celebrations that fall in that final month of this crazy year.  Given the next will be more exciting than this building up to 2019, we got lots of reasons to party this year and savor the days we have as much as we can.

So we start with an open space

Then we mix in a bunch of vintage lumber along with some fresh sawn (2 yrs) Cedar to make it all smell good.

LOTS of lumber, some Sweet looking and smelling Cedar, other boards as long as 20′ in Long Leaf Pine, Loblolly Pine, and likely Cypress, Fir, Poplar, Mesquite, Black Walnut & Whie Walnut doors, along with many more woods before I am done.

This is not the final layout, so you cheaters who plan to beat the best maze time, give it your best to figure out what comes next. YOU may have to buy your way out if you can not beat the time I set, or it could be Free if you do.

We are still going and growing for the celebrations of our new life and path as we realize that no matter how bad these things get, we will continue to believe we will Thrive, not just survive. Join us!

Few people have seen houses that can fly, and if they have, they will not tell you. Imagine what is impossible and figure out how to do it, as many have over and again, for then you are truly tapping your power to imagine outside the box, to be the first to run the mile under 4 minutes, a nobody until that moment when his belief in himself turned a black man into a legend. You can be a legend too.

Some of the architectural elements I will be putting out in the spaces under the tents dedicated to salvaged parts and pieces that could be selected by vendors to build their spaces, houses, studios, and other options we will be offering to the right people, and not the wrong ones. NO new imports, resin based molded junk, and general new toxic toys. This is intended to be a market for artists, sustainable living advocates, Organic living lovers, and other alternate paths we public may choose to take.

Yes, no one has ever created a door store that was effectively a trap to keep your attention in a fun way, on the many types of hardware there was created for hinges, doorknobs, door plates, strikers, and the many ways it was manifested over the last 200 years.  Yes, I will include much of my vast collection of door and builders hardware.  Windows on the perimeter, doors that open or not, with knobs on one side but not both, or some that slide left, right, or up into the air.  Who knows what all you will find in the world of Salvage Art that springs from the minds of those who do not think like you.  Darby definitely does not think like most of us when it comes to creating functional art out of salvage.  This little trap is as functional as they get… in fact it will eventually have a few mouse traps to keep it growing and showing the repeat players that they do not know what will come no matter how smart they think they are.  Like life, the curves, the doors that open and then close, not to open again.  Indeed, a door is not a problem until you need to enter… or exit.  If it is a bathroom door, getting in may be urgent, and getting out not, unless you can’t get out the way you came in and must wait… how long… for help?  Can you spell Claustrophobia?

What will the doors of opportunity look like to you. Do they need an open sign that invites you in or will you spot the opportunity as you walk by and turn before the door closes and you only get to wish you had looked deeper into the Lighted end of the Tunnel for a path you would never want to leave again.

Most people might sound like they were bragging to say they could put that many doors together and create a maze without making a big dent in the stock still available for those who come and see what they like, want to buy it or others like it, and create their own downsized Door Maze called an Organic Cottage instead of the Amazing Door Maze.  Wouldn’t it be cool to have one of the doors I do pick for the maze though?????

I will actually have some set up to be taken out and sold to some who have a good enough plan, money, and can wait for me to take it out and replace it before it can be taken away.  When you come you can reserve some of the doors that will be sold, but many will stay because I can not find any as fine to put there instead.  Here are a few examples of the stock I will pull from as I grow the Door Maze to at least 400 -500 doors to see the response from the 16,000,000 people within an hour and a half drive.  This is under a tent so may only be up for a limited time, storms being a factor, but if the

Here is a great shot of the Adorable Ceiling built in SalvageFaire, using giant pocket doors from mansions up north in Illinois.

One of many incredible doors.

Doors and transoms from the school that was once in Gonzales. Arts and crafts style.

Giant pocket doors that also work for ceilings and wainscot if you want to get fancy.

Massive inventory of doors from over the last 150 years.

60+ matched doors with Schlage hardware on them in perfect condition. $75-$100 each.

Another shot of the pre 1900 Long Leaf Pine doors.

Life is full of challenges we must overcome and most are harder if we fear failure.  Thus do we challenge ourselves where failure is not deadly, just fun and educational.  I invite you to that sort of play on the mind, the illusions of space, and the time it takes to get from one door to another, through the many doors life has to offer, and the few that take you to the place you really want to go.  Ready for a challenge that may ultimately reach deep into your Spirit as it eyes the path you choose to escape the matrix where you start and exit Awakened to the many incredible pieces of art our ancestors created, Real Estate Jewelry if you like, Art pieces for doors, windows, cabinets and more were all created in the 1800’s when Artisans led the world in creating the industrial age’s greatest art.  Children of 12 pulled the coal from the caves, mines so small they were the only ones who could get up the tunnels barefoot.  Fathers died of Black Lung and the company store ruled the world when tokens from the company were all men had to spend.

Choice of front door hardware from this display of vintage sets that range from cast iron to jewelry grade brass.

From hardware dating back to the 1830’s to roofing tile, doors, windows, tubs and more… largest warehouse sale for architectural antiques and lumber in the USA.

Got a few doorknobs, plates, hinges, and other parts from the far past to add to the doors, for your examination and appreciation of what we could do before electricity, technology as we know it, and child labor.

The same was true in Texas as the lumber industry ruled with iron hand and paid with the tokens they produced for those who ate from the company store, lived in the company houses, and seldom saw a dollar or hope to escape until the State of Texas forced the payment by lumber industry in CASH usable off the company property.  Thus the end of the lumber empires in Texas and they moved on the the NW to once more rape and pillage.  The Sawdust Empire of Texas and the Northwest are legend but the public seldom learns or knows how many virgin forests fell with trees 1,000 years old.  I believe we must respect those trees potential to house more generations, to save more trees from being cut so they might mature as these had so they could last as building parts for centuries.

Yes we do have a bit of stained glass, several pieces lined up right now, but a new buyer could have some say-so in some of those choices.

Here you can see how well the door matches the windows, except the door has French Glue Chip glass around the border.

The bedroom window is actually painted then baked on top of the stained glass too.

These could look sweet next to the entry in the vestibule up front.

Imagine being part of creating a gathering place where this would be part of the Chapel yet to be named.

If you want to help, volunteer and perhaps even contribute in other ways, including donations to help fund some of the help that needs some cash too.  We are out to show in a way that will be as memorable as my Tiny Texas Houses, all the beauty, options, and history of our world of builders hardware, doors, and windows dating back into the early 1800’s.

Join me in the my Living Landfill that is stacked so as to create houses, events, entertainment, and a chance at a new future for our society and a big portion of our planet that has gone astray and forgotten about sustainable living, organic lifestyles, and loving more than having things that mean nothing in the end.

Not far from Salvage, Texas, less than six miles from the entrance to us, is the entrance to Palmetto Par, the San Marcos river though is only a half mile away. See what you could be doing here too. While staying in one of our BnB Organic Cottages you can also take a walk through this paradise nearby known as Palmetto Park, but we have more nature walks and frisbee golf too.

Welcome to my world,  Come visit and see how we can help change your world as you downsize and want to take a sustainable route to get to the organic cottage you want to live in for the rest of your life too.

Shaman of Salvage,

Darby Lettick

I have cleared the woods to create a path many could follow to reach their dream of being Free to do the things they want to do and make the world a better place to live, instead of just work to pay the bills.