The Time Is Nearly Ripe To Put Up Our Sign And Make It Official.  We Have A Few Test Runs To See How We Can Handle A Crowd, Get The Bath Houses, Showers For Campers, And A Bit More Preparation, .... Cash Flow, Cash Flow, ..... So Check Out The Chance To Invest In A Tiny Texas Organic Cottage To Be Leased Back And Let You Stay There For Events As Well As Making An Incredible Income From It As A Return Thanks For Your Help And Support At This Juncture In Our Growth And Expansion.

The Amazingly fast evolution of SalvageFaire Market and Event Center

I find it amazing what a day in this life can produce if you simply turn on the imagination and let loose the energy we can produce from air and food, from spirit embodied in the manifestations of our mind.  We can create the most practical things from that which others think of as trash and will give us for free or share rather than see it go to waste in a landfill, be burned, or rot to the ground… an insult to those who put their blood, sweat, and tears into creating it from the virgin resources of Mother Earth in a day before electricity to power tools.

They used muscle, primitive hand tools, and water turned to steam by burning coal pulled from the mines by 12 year olds, with giant saws three stories high that were sharpened by 12 year olds small enough to get into the crevices at the mills and clean too.  In a day when men and boys worked 352 days a year without vacation pay, sick pay, or even real cash… but instead company struck tokens good only at the company store and for company house rent, from the coal and lumber companies until the 1930’s in Texas.

Laws were passed to force the changes that big corporations, ergo the rich, did not want to provide and thus the transition from pre-1890’s extreme division of wealth, much like today, back into a more egalitarian variation of survival, as a political body that is.  Many will choose other paths than taking tokens for their life if given the chance these days, but few can survive on their own wits and skills.

So this Quantum story I call the Pure Salvage Living Renaissance is one that I hope resonates with the people who want to break free from the shackles of the matrix that takes over so many peoples lives.  Come experience the empowerment of helping save the vestiges of our Virgin Forests and other Resources gifted to us from Mother Earth, though long ago, the best of a millennium of growth in forests that no longer exist.

It seems like just a few years ago when I created the Red Mascot that has sat atop our hill in Salvage, Texas for more than a decade. It is indeed a landmark that tells a story that will now grow into a legend. Salvage, Texas…. a place to come to, share, learn, and carry your newfound dreams into reality with the gifts that coming here will bring forth.

Here is a quick way build all sorts of things, such as this new addition to Salvagefaire, the main vendors booths that will populate the property for artisans who work with sustainable means rather than the newly manufactured stuff that only adds more toxins, takes more resources from our planet, transport, marketing costs, and ultimately coming here with a built in obsolescence.  They would come with toxic outgassing, packaging that becomes waste, and in the end, it would look like it came out of a big box store.  YUCK!!!

While it does not look like much yet, this will be a charming nook where I suspect you will see much of Andrea’s creations on the walls soon.  I do hope you will get to come and visit, see, barter, buy, or sell once we get it cranking up.

Fold down seat in front to rest at and watch the world go by, inviting them in with the incredible color.

So the colors come to life, the spaces take form, the imagination becomes the reality, and in a week of half days or nights, this event center I am creating is taking form and awaiting the many other artists, practitioners of healing arts, organic manifestations, and living the good life that it takes to find a peace with in, a passion for life, and a means to carry on no matter what comes our way, united in our belief that we can succeed.  We can live a good life, a simple life, and experience the fullness it offers without consumerism, Mass Media distraction, and debt filled lives…

In the land of double rainbows, where the treasure is in living in a paradise, and creating the conditions for more to grow.

Imagine a Teeny Tiny House first, then work your way up to the size that you really want to live in.

I dug out a few of the corbels that we are going to dress this baby up with. What do you think?

This is evolving into a DJ stand, 500 sf dance floor, guest house for events, security booth, and so much more.  Imagine what still possible with over 100,000 square foot of warehouses still filled with materials collected for the model of what is possible, if we just set our minds and bodies in motion with spirit at the helm, passion in the belly, and Love in the Heart.  We can manifest the world we want by living the way we need to for it to happen.  Paradise must be recreated by us, for we humans are the ones who have polluted, cut down, mined, and nearly destroyed most of the most luscious surface areas it had, with the last of them in danger now as the new Ice Age comes into fruition.

A beautiful sunset from the hills of Salvage, Texas.

Please be aware, and prepare for growing your food in the yards instead of grass, of using the treasures of the past to build with instead of contributing to the final rape and pillage of our Mother Earth for little more than consumerism.  We can do better and Salvage, Texas is intended to be an example of what is possible, how to do it, and thus creating the model our society may need to then replicate, and see the Pure Salvage Outposts (PSO’s) develop around the country where they are needed.  If Market and entertainment venues can be combined with educational settings that teach us in a fun way, the many serious things we should know about to enjoy the best fruits life has to offer, depending upon our tastes, with this market focused on Organic living as it applies to food, housing, occupations, health, the sustainable building of the future, the respect for the treasures of the past, and the means for the elders and the youngers to get together and come up with the solutions it will soon take to get us through the food shortages and other consequences of the cooling sun, thus earth and the effects that will come with this cycle.

Bit by bit, one roof at a time, then the sweet details that make it divine.


Please join us for the unveiling, the expansion of this Renaissance, and the many events, from film and music festivals, to the car, bike, and truck shows, rallies, and many other events that such an ideal location in the midst of Houston, Austin, and San Antonio where old friends and new can meet without going into another city to do it.

In the background is the music stage, for now a bit closer than it will be, but its portable so all is well.

Members only, so please consider visiting and joining soon as we grow the cyber community, the real community, and the town that will be able to go on or off grid and survive once we get it fully in motion.  Your help is deeply appreciated, even if it only to share the pages of ideas and help seed the minds of millions to the possibilities their passions could ignite.

The back of the Greenhouse and the DJ Tower

A bit of the types of shelving, ornamentation, and other things that are possible with salvage.

The back side will have the VIP seating for the concerts and events, or the space for a vendor to sleep at night on a weekend event. What a cherry spot for a vendor.

Welcome to the new manifestation and growth of Tiny Texas Houses, Pure Salvage Living, and now Salvage, Texas… the place where the Pure Salvage Living Renaissance was born and will grow to wrap around the world as a blanket to help comfort us through the cold times ahead as we move back to an age with minimum technology integrated into living a free and healthy life.