I Have Gathered The Means To Create Houses Out Of 95% Pure Salvaged Materials And Human Energy.  I Have Spent 30 Years Developing These Methods So That When The Time Came We Could Use Them To Free People From The Chains Of Debt And Free Them To Live Life Fully Instead.  Darby Greets And Invites You With The Path That Started In Texas Some 33 Years Ago When Darby Came To Texas.  It Is A Great Story Of How To Salvage Mind, Body, Spirit, And Home With Little More Than Human Energy, Imagination, And Ingenuity.  Please Join Me For A Chance To Open Your Mind To The New World Of Possibilities Based On The Treasures From Our Past.

“The Awakening” and how “Salvation though Salvage” fits into the next level of evolution.

This house was the subject of a music video called “Song of Salvage” and you can see it on the Pure Salvage Living Channel on Youtube.
The Bootcamp Seminar on How to Become a Salvage Miner.


So far we have been holding fairly consistent to 95% actual Salvage to create the houses and town. I believe we can aim for 99% and still hit 95% as our low mark if we fail at that lofty goal. We are offering up the materials for free to build spaces in the market for like minded vendors, and artists who can help transform salvage into new forms of treasure. Furniture, houses, and much more at your fingertips if you come to play.

You can come stay in our Organic Cottages and experience the difference, then take the parts you want from our massive inventories, and go build one or a dozen.  Once you learn how, and where to get materials for no more than human energy, you can grow a family of family businesses helping to craft the solutions of housing for all sizes and types of people, where some can use tiny houses for tiny bodies and others need big.  One size does not need to fit all to make for a happy healthy life.  To hell with national codes controlled by big companies.  Local variances and let it roll… Salvation through Salvage.  Education of the basic building skill through salvage.  Apprenticeships are now available but only for the select few who will take the knowledge and go forth to be the teachers and apostles of a the ethos that keeps the health of the people who will live in these houses of paramount importance, not the profit to be made from building crappy toxic boxes.  Join me in demanding due diligence from builders who determine the health of you and your children by the home they create for you.  We know better now!  It is up to us to do it right the next time.


Download this to your smart phone, maybe helpful while walking around while your here!!! http://Tinytexashouses.com http://Puresalvageliving.com http://twitter.com/texastinyhouses https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCT1SluHZsvZwxfgmF5Jklkw

Download this to your smart phone, maybe helpful while walking around while your here!!!

A dozen years since starting Tiny Texas Houses we are known world wide. The changes have been many from when I started years ago, when I was a young man. I had dreams that I could do more than I could do things few others dared or wanted to do. I once Imagined outposts around the country with warehouses and markets, places to learn and build. I did that many years ago. Seems it may be nearly time for it to materialize or fade away, and I am willing to take a big risk to help you figure out how to get involved too.
Its been a bit over 10 years since I started on manifesting this vision. 80 houses later, a reputation with proof this can work that has been recognized around the world and now the new website that is the most advanced site on salvage in the world. Time to share and grow this Pure Salvage Living Renaissance into a community that stretches around the globe. Please join me for the next decade as the knowledge is shared and millions are empowered to break free from the Matrix. I don’t think it will be long before we see the 100th Monkey Effect in sustainable Organic Housing and it becomes a wave of change our culture embraces in the future.
While I may not be able to fulfill my goal of showing how to build an entire town from salvage, the site will take what we have learned and hopefully share it so others will have the stepping stones it will take to go forward on this path.

Solutions come from the ingenuity of the masses who are facing the adversity it takes to inspire invention.  We are about to see millions thrive while millions of others suffer.  The difference for many is how they respond to the challenges ahead.  Food, healthy living, compact affordable living spaces built sustainably with materials already locally on hand.  The massive transfer of knowledge from human to human through the elders being joined with the youngest of our society at a time when their wisdom can be the most valuable in our modern history.   Truly this will inspire many to break out of their old molds and become the incredible human beings they can be now that there are no handcuffs holding us back.  The system is crippled and the powers that be are no longer in the position to control us if we become self sufficient, do not divide and kill our best minds, spirits in vessels who can help others and will educate the millions to prepare for what is coming.  Our Government is not doing that, the big corporations see it as opportunity to grow, and the masses are mostly ignorant of what was coming.  They know, they knew, and most are unprepared because they did not share that information.

Here is a drawing of a proposed Tiny Texas cluster of tiny houses where the bigger house is in the middle for everyone to gather at, have a large kitchen to share, extra loft for village guests, and a laundry area. This would be like a B&B in our Tiny Texas Houses Fantasy Land.

Tiny Texas Houses were the seedlings to start getting everyones attention early on.  I predicted in the late 1900’s that these days would come.  I wrote the draft for a book that I am finally finishing that spelled out much of what has come to pass, but thought it was a fantasy.  I hope that you and others will share this story of how a boy who is born into a poor family who’s highest hurdle in education was to get a high school diploma and perhaps join the army for a lifetime career.  Born to be a warrior, but indeed, ending up the pacifist and Shaman of Salvaging ones life, body, spirit, and home.  Thus the failure to kill myself nearly 50 years ago as a depressed teenager led to the manifestation of a path for millions of others to also thrive and build a life without being gifted with wealth, access to bank credit, college degrees, or much more than your human energy, a passion and hope to succeed that is realistic and achievable.  I have spent a lifetime finding that path, developing the solutions to make it achievable for millions of people when ready, and in my mind, it is indeed time for this to happen.  The seeds were laid to create the vision that 95% Pure Salvage Building sustainable long life houses that are nearly toxin free is not only possible, but the only true path at this time that does not require massive transportation, new manufacturing, and energy consumption that may be hard to find in some areas for a while.

Pure Salvage Living Logo with Rubbles the Mascot helping bring the solutions to Mankind to save the planet he and his friends have done so much to maintain. Even the Earthworms are in danger from the chemicals, not just the bees. Please pay attention to stopping the Naled poisons from being sprayed on us and the bees. Atrazine, like other hormone mimic tricks on plant and people must stop soon and our path to saving the Earth return.

These methods will allow people to not only get most of the materials, but to also be able to build a house with about 20 gallons of diesel fuel or gas for a generator to run the few tools it will take to make it happen fast.  I need screws, nails, and some under layments to create a house, insulation for some areas, and then you can complete the rest with HUMAN Energy, yes, jobs, careers, and so many associated occupations that the industry will allow Americans to thrive and new small businesses to grow like mushrooms on the open pastures after rain.  Please consider joining me as we rebuild the places with can with local people forming communities, communing for a unified purpose that will bring solutions together, teach our young, get our elderly back into the mix and more alive than they have been in years, for they are once more the most important resource we have for surviving without all the utilities and technology that our children know nothing of as we have had chemicals, pharma, and false models that are based on wrongful foundations, based on greed and money.  Time for a change!

Over the years I have tried to communicate many things about the world of Salvage living and how many could make a great change and living if they take on this approach to life. Many have and their stories of success are many.

This is the target in the Ethos of Tiny Texas Houses, but we only reach 95% Pure Salvaged Materials to create a house most of the time.

Monty Grand Victorian for sale https://puresalvageliving.com/surprise-monty-grand-victorian-is-coming-out-of-hibernation-and-for-sale/

Monty Grand Victorian Monty Grand Victorian for sale https://puresalvageliving.com/surprise-monty-grand-victorian-is-coming-out-of-hibernation-and-for-sale/

Instead of a bank account that does not earn money, a young mother, Papia, now owns an Organic Cottage in Salvage, Texas to bring her two children, create memories, perhaps much more by getting them involved in seeing what can be done to create housing sustainably. Unlike a piece of paper to show she had money making nearly nothing, she and her family can now have a tangible asset where they get out of the city and into the country together. With this asset that maked 40 times as much income from here investment, with an asset, not just paper to show for it, she creates Life Long Memories. Only 80sf of Teeny Tiny Texas House, the Gingered Swan sleeps 2-3 (with sleeping deck for star gazers) and has space to dance, sit for a little snack or dinner. It also has a roof deck to watch the sunset. 95% Pure Salvage with Space Magic design methods that create a virtual escape from the modern world. This house sits across from three ponds, Miracle Mountain, and has plenty of frogs, crickets, and wildlife to create a symphony of sounds through the night.

Here is another house, the Arched Zebu, built with the century old windows, siding, flooring, and ship lap, in fact, we will have some of the beaded wood like we used on this ceiling. Imagine millions of us Baby Boomers helping promote the Salvage Mining and Salvage Building industry that could help create jobs and save the planet. We can do it by joining in the Pure Salvage Living Renaissance.

Please think about how you could make it possible for the ones you love to learn how to find the salvage, mine it, turn it into a house like this without importing anything, and do it at a Pure Salvage Outpost near you where you could go and watch your house being built. Please consider the possibilities, no matter where you live, for I want to see this happen all over the world where they will let us create other Acres of Hope to fund your state, or country, and export what you need from the excess we have laying all around waiting for people to just WAKE UP and have the financing to make this vision possible.

Tiny Texas Houses (Copyright 2007)
Is the leader in the world of Salvage Building Tiny houses that are sustainable, portable, and just plain cute to boot. The goal of this company was to establish that we could build houses from 95% Pure Salvage, toxin free, sustainable, and energy efficient for the century ahead. We succeeded at that and now are manifesting the village to show how it can grow from a vision to a reality using the Pure Salvage Living Ethos.

Search for any of these entities on the internet and you will find pages and pages of information to grow your Pure Salvage Living in your area.  

You will see hours of information on Youtube besides the many articles on Tiny Texas Houses, the documentaries, the stories that have help lead up to this opportunity to now grow the Pure Salvage Living Renaissance at a time when it brings to the table what no other Ideology can.  Please take some time to explore what you can do now that you are Free of the binds that held you down and have the opportunity to manifest miracles for you, your family, and your friends.  Please consider joining me in teaching, sharing, and making this incredible empowering path to freedom, housing, and a way to thrive during the trying times ahead.  Only those who unite and think positive, who see the gifts amidst the horror of the destruction, the decimation of towns, homes, and lifestyles that will never be rebuilt.  NOW is the time for the stars to come out of the social darkness and thrive, for it will be the artists and creative minds that get us through the next phase of our development.  Those in the box, the sheeple who can not wake up for sake of the drugs and damage during this past 50 years to their vessel, even they could wake up and come back, to salvage their vessels, the bodies that are still alive and able to become what we want them to be.  Get younger, believe in yourself, the Light that shines from within and lights the lives of all around you.  Together the positive spirits can bring about the change we need, but it will take a World Union of Beings who support and do the work it will take, who are the candles that light other candles igniting HOPE, Passion, and the ability for everyone to play a part and benefit from the times ahead.  Opportunity is at hand as one door closes and millions open.



Tinytexashouses.com  the product of a book I wrote so very long ago.

PureSavageliving.com  a global community we are forming to get this information, knowledge, methodology, teaching, and plans out for millions to achieve what they believe they can.  We simply need to expand on what the people believe they can do.  A World Union of Believers in our ability to save the species that share the planet through the transitional cycles it has gone through so many times before.  Life is good if we choose to make it so, but not if we simply follow where the false shepherds lead the flocks who will not be able to see above the herds.

Please share and join us on the adventures that will create lifetimes of fun and financial success in a time when most people are fearful, paralyzed, and in need of solutions they would never had considered just a few months ago.  Tis the time of great opportunity, of entrepreneurship, and ingenuity as we rebuild the country into a part of something far greater than what is being destroyed by storms, wars, and the ice age that cometh on strong.  Prepare with no fear for the time ahead will be better than the present appears.  The doors that are opening will make it possible for millions to now thrive.


Shaman of Salvage

Tiny Texas House



Join us to bring in the Pure Salvage Living Renaissance in with a bang that will echo around the world.