One Of The Other Ponds And Smaller Amphitheaters With A Speaker's Rock To Stand On And Address The Listeners, Who Ever You Can Attract That Is.

The Call of the Tiny Texas Territories

a place to rest and swing a while,
to feel the passing breeze.
and let the winds of time blow by
as pretty as you please.


Pre-civil war hand hewn logs, beams, and tons of other wood from just one tiny warehouse we had to empty out when I sold it. Lots of parts and pieces to build Salvagefaire and the many public places that will populate the Tiny Texas Territories.
It is time for the mentors, the elders, the leaders of the various villages to rise and come to life. These are the people who will nurture and help develop the writers village, the artists village, Artisans, Holistic Health care givers, and the Organic Growers village. I hope to see the diversity in each self governing village that is part of the Tiny Texas Territories, overall a very open social experiment in reteaching the ways we can get along without currency, imports, and creating new toxic trash in the process of building tiny villages and houses for the generations to come that will find simplicity is more important to them then technology.

The Pecan trees tower overhead and shade the ground below where water flows when rain does come and fill the ponds we made.

There comes a time when your life energy and time on this planet become more valuable than ever before. That is the time when you decide to act instead of talk, do instead of tell others how to do, and be all that you can be which will make the world a better place. One person at a time finding that simplicity and salvage offer answers and opportunities like no other solution being offered today. Eventually we will create the critical mass in the populace to cause positive actions to evolve and manifest solutions that will be good for everyone, not just the elite and privileged class that has evolved under our definition of Democracy and Capitalism best known as abhorrent and rampant consumerism with out conscience.

The Amphitheater with its center moated stage called the “Island of Free Thought”. yes it really has a 12′ deep moat between the audience and the band or speaker.


I hope other baby boomers will be waking up and realizing the price our children’s children will have to pay if the planet survives our abuse long enough for them to see these solutions that arise from the Pure Salvage Living Renaissance come into fruition. If so, it could change the way the world evolves as the future generations clean up the messes we have made.

One of the other ponds and smaller amphitheaters with a Speaker’s Rock to stand on and address the listeners, who ever you can attract that is.

So why not get on board early, give your life energy to something grand and meaningful, and have a bunch of fun doing it? That is the objective here, a fantasy land created by a bunch of adults who are enjoying their second childhood and creating the most sensational market and villages in the country, in fact, in the world.

Trenches lie awaiting Mother Nature storms and rain.

Please consider joining me but know it will be alot of hard work and an awakening with open eyes that will show you things you never dreamed of and let you be who ever you have always wanted to be.



Just in case we want some shade we might look down below, but where it goes and who it leads is something you won’t know.

Woods and wild life we would like to preserve. The trick is how to do that and still live here with them too.