The Long View With The Loft In Sight.  Imagine A Gigantic Loft Of Over 130 Square Feet For A Second Bedroom Up Above.

The Comfort Cabin develops his Personality with a Rustic Touch

From the French Doors looking into what the space will come to be.
There’s the kitchen and the bath wall looking down the hall you see,
Yes a bedroom on the lower floor, and one still up above,
It is the old folks Tiny House that you’ve been hearing of.

Welcome to the Comfort Cabin

This is a new floor plan for us. I like the spaciousness of it and having the downstairs bedroom design with plenty of space for the living area.
The wall to the kitchen is made of extra thick Long Leaf Pine floors from a theater in Castroville that was nearly 100 years old.
Nice relatively muted colors after the last couple of houses. The beauty of making all of the houses unique and different is that we have to challenge ourselves each time to come up with something better than the last one. When I first started designing Tiny Houses 8 years ago I could not imagine that we would come up with so many ways to layout such a small space, but we have found many secrets along the way as to how to make them feel much bigger than they are. ┬áThis is a 12′ x 28′ giant that will have a wrap around porch from the front to the left side. ┬áThe side will be screened and insulated to use as full time living space if one chooses after the tax man leaves.

The Kitchen cabinet and the living room wall with a nice casement window up above.

The bathroom walls are rustic, made from Long Leaf Pine flooring from a theater in Castroville, Tx that was over 100 years old. It is 1 1/8″ thick tongue and groove.

The master bedroom is just fine for Queen sized bed and dresser, shelves, and dreams to fit.

The bathroom sits right close to bedroom, a private space at home.

The view down yonder hallway seems too lead to peace and dreams.

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up above the loft so high there are sweet dreams I know you’ll spy.

The long view with the loft in sight. Imagine a gigantic loft of over 130 square feet for a second bedroom up above.