I Dug Out A Few Of The Corbels That We Are Going To Dress This Baby Up With.  What Do You Think?

The DJ booth for Salvage Texas will be a phenomena

Yes, this little creation will be both a place to crank out some tunes, a bit of a stage, a place to spend the night or watch a concert from the loft hidden up above.  Indeed this will be one of the most eclectic of the House Art creations so far and it will be on a trailer.  Yes, I am finally building something on the trailer but it is not what most people are building I suspect.  The music, Film, and events venue will be cranking up in June for test runs and then into the summer with a series of events that will make our members proud.

Yes, a big trailer indeed. A 40′ gooseneck with a big upper deck. So this will become a DJ Booth, a 400 sf dance floor, portable stages, and much more before we are done.

That was the first afternoon.  Then I got on it the next day and within about 16 man hours of work, no helpers to speak of so 100 trips up and down the ladder and soon this appeared below:

This was the first round of metal but I did not like it so we went at it again.

I dug out a few of the corbels that we are going to dress this baby up with. What do you think?

This is going to be every kind of out of level, eclectic, and crazy a concoction of salvage as it can be, for the sake of proving how beautiful imperfection can be.

I will be getting some more pictures of the progress to show what one person can create in a 40 man hour commitment that thousands will have the chance to appreciate when they come to the concerts, film festivals, and events that will happen around this new centerpiece for Salvage, Texas.

Hope you get to join us for the events and become a member so you will get the chance to know what is going on in the Pure Salvage Living Renaissance at Salvage, Texas.  Become a member of the Puresalvageliving.com site and/or at least get the newsletter so as to hear about the new things we have in store for the coming year of Salvation through Salvage.