Dangling In Limbo, With No Choice Now But To Go.

The Essay Contest House finally leaves TTH

Up above the ground so high,
a Tiny House I there do spy,
swinging in the wind with joy
still a little tender boy.

Essay House Flys Away – iPhone

The Essay Contest House finally leaves TTH on the way to its new home.

Once upon a time you see,

Seems very long ago,

there was a contest for a house

a fifty dollar score.

But more than that

one had to write

300 words, no more.

The Essay Contest floundered

as the first three months went by,

so far from what we needed

I extended, gave more time.

I only sought enough to pay

for what it cost to build.

But even that, it seemed to hard,

too many words to meld.

So then I added three months,

guaranteed to give away.

But still the essays dwindled in,

350 came our way,

So it never paid for much you see,

but “I Did” as I did say.

I gave away the house at last,

To one young girl’s true glee.

But she barely stayed within it

fore she left it here with me.

Then on the market it did go,

at first the price was high.

But after dropping several times

new owners did arrive.

She sold her $50 house for $25,000 more

than what it cost to write the words

that she had won it for.

So keep your spirits up and dream.

You never know what comes.

For this is a short story

of the House that one girl won.



Pulling gently as he goes, while slightly scared, I’m sure he knows, its safe.

Settling in for the ride, a highway trip to a surprise.

Dangling in Limbo, with no choice now but to go.