Little By Little A New Place To Piddle, To Shower, And Dress While Not Seen.

The Gingered Swan gets a room to Piddle around in, shower, or change? Into what? You!

Now a destination spot with B&B Tiny Texas Houses, private spaces for group gatherings, romantic weekends, and much more. Skinny Dip Pool demonstrated by Darby too! (Quite a popular video on Youtube, in fact our most oddly enough).

With a passion flower at his core, concrete symbolism in this dimension, and a reflection on the sky, Darby takes you on a different path than most will choose to take.

Far away, you can barely see, is a tiny house made for you to see.

It is true, one of the most primitive of the houses, without a bath on site but a Can-O-Pee Bed (Bedpans too or over the rail if a guy like me or you?)  heh.

Through this front door many songs have come, many poems, and dreams came too. So much is in a house I build that will do things to you. Read the journals and you know, its not just you, it all who go.

But such great times and memories will soon be obsolete as the privy on the porch, which will still be partly screened in, will change the way we find relief in the middle of the night.  Not near as exciting, but cute all the same.



Little by little a new place to piddle, to shower, and dress while not seen. Only 80 sq. ft. downstairs, this is a big add in to the privacy of the Organic Cottage known as the Gingered Swan.

Leaded glass will go into the window space you see but clear so that the sunsets can light the mirror you can’t see.

Can you see the mountain in the sun? It dwarfs it if you have the right perspective… the story of life and happiness indeed.

This private place with Miracle Mountain in the distance, which you can climb and look below, is the place where meditation is much easier I know.

Well look at the view
from the shower,
it’s true,
or the balcony
made for stargazing and sunsets,
or an afternoon snooze.

Sunset struck, it glistens like gold.

Darby takes you on a visionary path to a sustainable Organic Cottage Tour with some great video and good music along the way.
Join him and support this great month of parties so that he might help the masses who need it while giving many people a great chance to use their imagination. We want this event to be a positive reflection of what the future will hold, people joining together without prejudice, hate, and greed, but instead with the spirit of unity, positive visualization of a future we can manifest together, and an agreement to all get along and help each other instead of becoming divided and all suffer instead.

Here is the Part of the new blog on the Oiled Gingered Swan who now sits out in her spot amongst the trees.
The colors in the wood
came out to greet the light of day,
and like the colors in the paint,
their beauty is released.
Down the stairs who’s woodgrain blue
become the clouds that comfort you
as you descend from looking out
upon the trees and all about.
Though teeny in its footprint,
It stands so true and tall,
enough for one to live in
for a short time, maybe all.
For now, the Walnut Oil soaks in,
She smells so fresh and sweet.
and soon you will be able
to spend a night and sleep.
Yes Ginger will be one of our
small houses we keep here
to give our Tiny House Friends,
a chance to get more clear.
Feel it, touch it, smell the wood.
Savor every inch,
for with it, you can visualize
your house than in a cinch.
For once its clear that we have here
the answers to your dreams,
you can sleep near and make them clear,
then manifest Your Home.

Few people imagine what they can do and then set off to achieve it regardless of the naysayers, the fears within, and the obstacles that appear to keep you from your goals. Darby is taking away most of the barriers so that you can be all that is in your dreams if Salvation through Salvage is a theme you can believe in, then come help share the secrets to empowering millions to make millions and spend it as they will to make the world a better place for all.

A character who changes as the looks are mere moments in the ever-changing form we take through life as we go on. The masks we wear as we may change are nothing but a view of the facets of our outer shell to play with as we choose. Such fun I have had with the many lives of Brad, Darby, and other personas I have played as both. Father, son, Lover, and more. Incarnated Life if great!

After the glasses are off, the mask is shattered, the 6 plus decades bring a wisdom I could not have dreamt possible so long ago… When Wibblry and Wub were just a dream.

Sometime’s we can create what we see in our minds, imagination is that vision that we strive to put into reality, like shaping clay to make a statue that expresses our experience as a human, incarnate we play, Spirit in body forming the world of our day.


Darby Lettick

June 2018