The Gingered Swan Is Getting Ready For A New Look And Whats More, A Room To Wash And Ready For The New Day That's In Store.

The Gingered Swan gets dressed up with a Dressing Room & Screened porch!

The Gingered Swan is getting ready for a new look and whats more, a room to wash and ready for the new day that’s in store.

See the shadows from her gingerbread, her flavor is unmatched. Her look is one of magistracy, no so common after all.

Her screens will cover one half of a grandly sun set porch and the beauty of our Mountain will be there for all to see.

The Door to opportunity can rarely look so good, for being but an old door that was painted long ago.

I say hi to those who can see me, and even those who don’t, for the truth is in my seedling, there is much to see you won’t. But it you should see more than most, to let my seeds be sown, you might just see a better life, once these dreams for you… are born.

Sometimes it is hard to get a chance to see each other like we want.

But our shadows cast assure others we’re not gone.

For long after this sweet sunset over Miracle Mountain,

Salvage Texas will live on…

in memories and dreams,

in visions from beyond,

the people who sleep in Ginger will know what I’m speaking of.


From the balcony, the world passes

and our chance is here,

to become anew a miracle,

like at birth we know is clear.

Then go out in the morning

fully charged by restful sleep,

bathe in mud to cleanse your self,

and meditate a while.


Walk the woods and listen

to the birds that hide within,

the frogs with the grasshoppers

will sing as you walk amidst.

Savor every moment

while in Salvage you may stay,

for the moment that you leave it,

you won’t want to walk away.


June 2018

Why I created as a place in cyberspace, not on the map to be found, a fantasy adventure to a very special town.  Come join me in adventures to where in the mind may go, and see the great solutions that imagination grows.  Suspend your disposition to doubt what our Spirit does to manifest the miracles that some don’t think will come.

Thank you for your sharing, your caring for our cause, and the move to our new paradigm, just to give our planet pause, from the fighting and the issues when we need to bond as One, may we take this opportunity to become the Wii that Won through Wibblry and Wub.  Hah ha.

A cool fire pit for evenings, just to cook or meditate, a romantic get together in a very special place. She is our most popular place to stay, without a bathroom yet, hurray, soon she will have shower, a toilet and a place where you can rinse off the mud that heals, the deep down under Clay… in the mud caves nearby. Don’t know about bentonite mud baths?