The Keys to Inspiration


Looking toward Canada through the Sunshine of the South

Juanita Sullivan Just beautiful, the house and the poem.
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Tiny Texas Houses

So nice to see your hands are warm enough to tap the keys of inspiration.
Thank you once more Juanita Sullivan.

From up here where its nice and warm.


The Keys to Inspiration

Keep your toes warm too.
From the words upon the paper,
that you wrote to send me Love,
to support my life’s endeavor,
to promote a dream I wrote.

I can truly never thank you
in a way that you can know,
more than warming you this evening,
with the breath that I do blow.

For within my hands I hold your check,
your signature and thoughts,
and inhale the essence of your wish,
then hold it till its hot.

When I finally breath it out again,
into your A- Frame home,
I have blown to you the warmth of Love,
to heat your heart tonight.

May it give to you the warmth you need
to make it through the storms,
be they snow, or wind, or simply Man,
NO ONE will bring you Harm,
thus I send to you this Wib I wrote,
to simply keep YOU Warm.



I send thee Heat tonight