My First House I Built Out Of Salvage Is Known Around The World As The Red Mascot.  It Is A Simple 10' X 16' House With A Bath And Kitchenette But Would Not Be Allowed In Many Places.  The Loopholer Could Be Nearly As Big And Yet Be Acceptable For Most Of The Restrictions Put Down By HOA, Cities, And Towns If You Are Careful About How You Sequence Its Creation.  Come Learn More.

The “Loopholer Seminar” is filling up nicely, “Loopholeology” for Organic Cottage creation

How to get around the rules, yet follow them as closely as you can when it works so nicely with what you can do if you decide to take advantage of the Loopholes that seem to be built into any system with rules.  Oftentimes you need to get permission to get started, but they will not give it if they know where you are going to with it… so you may not need to tell them everything up front.  For example, if the tax man cometh and looks at your outdoor screened in detached porch where the dreaded “Zika Virus Carrying” mosquito might be kept from attacking those you love ( or at least that was the propaganda passing around when they wanted the 1 billion $ for the vaccine).

Examples of sketched out dreams that we might create during the month of preparation for an essay.

For many the dream of having a Tiny Organic Cottage, sustainably built, artistically designed, and functionally amazing in how it feels while taking up a carbon footprint that is amazing compared to any other kind of modern construction house in the world today.

Remember when we gave away this house for 300 words and a $50 entry fee? Many wanted to enter after it was too late and long after it was over the people asked if I would ever do one again. If this works this time, we will do 11 more contests of various sorts for 2017 with prize packages that will get better as more people participate.

It uses the embodied energy, that human and heat energy it took to create the windows, hardware, sinks, tubs, and to cut down and process the 500 year old trees from virgin forests where the grew peacefully for nearly a millennium.  It is the human energy of our forefathers, the coal pulled from the mines by 12 year olds that I sing of, for they gave their blood, sweat, and tears to work 12 hours a day 352 days a year to create what we now disrespect by throwing away long before the end of its potential lifetime as a building material for houses, buildings, furniture, and much more.  We will never find the likes of what we as a nation created when the resources were abundant, the labor cheap, yet the quality of craftsmanship and ingenuity nearly unmatched around the world, for we had brought the worlds great craftsman from Europe and working immigrants who took the opportunity to grow their dreams after leaving the droughts, wars, and other causes that forced them from their homelands.

The Arched Zebu was also first named the House of the Rising Sun. It now sits out in Midland Texas with her sister Vicki Zebu.

Instead of fighting over the limited resources we have left on the planet, why not peacefully work toward preserving and reusing what we have, costing far less than bombs, wars, and the human toll it takes, we can spend that on preserving the materials, conserving the energy we use to create new things, and focus on sustainable living for a generation to make up for totally disregarding it for the last 7 generations.

Once upon a time we asked for the weak, the downtrodden, and the people from around the world that wanted a new start, to come to America and help us build the greatest nation on Earth.  They did, and we became a leading force in the world until Kennedy warned us that dark forces were about to take over our country and their intent was to spend our treasure in lives and wealth to support and grow a military industrial complex like no other ever created before and use it to grow the corporations that supported the takeover of our government behind the scenes of the common man.  After 60 years of wars, the rich now owning 98% of the world, and the collapsing of the monetary system to be replaced by crypto-currency that will hurt the poor the most as we ripple our way from paper currency to a plastic or crypto-currency planet.  More money is now spent on the military than all other programs, entitlements, and social programs in America, with the promise to make it even stronger at a time when the economy can not support such efforts without the public suffering most.  For this to happen, many will be forced to downsize to afford food, housing, and survive with any form of comfort in a domicile.  The giant houses will have to become rooming houses as they did in the past  depressions and wars, and people will learn to live with less once more, as the depression taught our grandparents, salvaging the resources to survive becomes an art, and those who succeed thrive while others suffer and die.  Sounds depressing but the weather, economy, and hard truth of the present times are not to be ignored except by the few who do not feel the pain yet.

The Ellinger House traveled higher and more times than any other Tiny Texas House.

Our country was built on immigrants who faced rejection, abuse, and harm for their country of origin, religion, the way they dressed, and the color of their skin.  It seems that has not changed dramatically in some places and it is the way of people who do not want to accept change, though sometimes it does destroy the system in place, hopefully only to create a better one after the dust settles.  We must all learn to live together peacefully and if possible, with respect for the rest of the people and critters of the world.  We are sharing a balanced ball and as it gets to wobbling, the weather, society, and all things upon it will be forced to change.  Those who choose to hold on tightly to the past and believe they can stop change are doomed to failure, depression, and a difficult time coping with the weather, food, and housing issues that will face millions this year and next as we slip into a period of Earth and Sun interaction that will change all things, whether we like it or not.We built a great country out of our diversity, so let us unite once more for a cause that will bring our economy back, empower millions of people to survive and thrive as the rest of the world reels from our country not buying all of their crap anymore if we go broke.  We are close to that now, so why not get ahead of the curve and move into an industry that will give you an upper hand, perhaps even the means to barter and trade your supplies, tools, and skills in order to help those you love and your community excel while others die on the vine of hopelessness.

In the process of teaching others then go on to teach. One couple took home the wall shingle package to put their own bath shower together when they get home.

Few seem to realize our history to understand how we siphoned off the great talent from stonemasons, wood workers, and other trades that had flourished in Europe prior to our industrialization and climb to become a world power at the expense of the Native Americans who land and resources the White Man’s government stole without consideration for the most part.  It continues today, but that is another story, and this is the story of how we start back down the road of respecting the land, the trees, the people, and the species we share the planet with… beginning with how we live our lives, the waste of our excess has taken a toll and the time has come for Americans to admit their part and change our path for the sake of those who will inherit the mess we have made already.

This house was the subject of a music video called “Song of Salvage” and you can see it on the Pure Salvage Living Channel on Youtube.
The Bootcamp Seminar on How to Become a Salvage Miner.

We can do better and the first part of that is to start respecting the treasures and invested human energy of the past generations and use it to build the future with instead of throwing it in the landfills that make a few people rich at the cost of the many who then lose access to assets, 25% of the landfills are building materials that could be utilized to create Tiny Texas Houses, the examples I manifested to prove this point in 75 different styles along the decade of research and development.  Now I have some answers to what we can do to circumvent the system that does not want to see us abandon using big box stores, imports, and newly created crap to build toxic houses full of harmful outgassing chemicals that cost the planet dearly to create.  The shipping from overseas, the toxins created by making plastics and vinyl from oil based products, packaging, transport, retailing, advertising, the employees in the brick and mortar stores, as well as the energy costs to cool and heat them so the masses can buy the imported products.  Insanity in a box and the powers that be do not wish to see such a nice network change due to people getting most of the materials to build the next generation of house with, reduce energy consumption, imports, materials needs anew instead of reusing old parts, and the minimal amount of new materials such as nails, screws, insulation, and house wraps that will be needed to make the energy efficiency superior to new houses by far.

vast treasures of 20+ foot long 1×12’s, many with no knots and still strong after over 150 years of standing erect.

Techniques in air flow, design for more useable space, and placement of the house will even allow most of them to go nearly off grid entirely with a few thousand dollars investment beyond the cost of the materials to put it together.

By using salvaged windows, doors, flooring, siding, roofing, and other parts, you can virtually cut the cost of building a house to a few thousand dollars, and that is not a toxic box out of new plywood and particle board, vinyl windows, and floors, but instead an organic cottage that will last for a lifetime, and not the short one you might have from living in a pool of toxic gases, a shortage of fresh air, and an electrical field nightmare that is invisible except for the effects on the body.  We can do it right and with people working together to take down houses, barns and buildings, it is possible to share the wealth, workload, and knowledge it will take to dismantle the last generation of housing and create a better one with the materials stored there in.  Remember that more millionaires are made from salvage than any other business in the USA so why not encourage more people to get into the Salvage Mining, Salvage Building, and other areas of this blooming industry that can not be stopped as the word gets out that you can have your home with little more than ingenuity and a community to support you, as you will them, in creating alternative sustainable housing that can go off grid for those who wish to live the simpler lifestyle we are supposed to have the freedom to do in our Pursuit of Happiness while on Earth.

Yes, we are taking down these 100+ year old cotton industry barns for all of the wood. Imagine, nearly 100,000 bf of lumber waiting to become lots of new structures in the future. Life goes on and on with salvage.

Massive stocks of small batches of flooring 150-350 sf in Long Leaf Pine, Oak, Northern Pine, in several sizes no less too.

For our purposes it works to describe and justify a very nice little enclosed area with a wooden floor in what is defined as a portable structure, with tin or siding on the lower half walls, screens on the upper half, a nice roof of metal and a screened door…. say 10 or 11 foot wide by 112-16 foot long.  That said you might be able to create a space that you could spend time in during visits to the distant property you may own where they do not want you to have an all weather escape that might work as a home that can not be taxed as such.  I imagine the entities like Homeowners Associations, city zoning rules, deed restrictions, and other entities that limit what one might do with their land.  Most seem to take issue with building Tiny Houses on Wheels (THOWs: an acronym that has become the image people think of when “Tiny House” by the TV Popularized boxes on wheels that have been created which no one wants people living in next to their big nice suburb home).  Not only are they a bad investment generally, not movable with the limited trucks a family might own unless they have a 1 ton dually with a diesel engine for a family car.  If one is not moving regularly, the trailer is a waste of capital, an unneeded expense

This seminar will be the chance for people to learn how to build with the materials, and possibly take orders and build them for others closer to where you live. Thank you for your interest and sharing with others.


So if you are one of the people who is looking to thrive in hard times, or to get around the rules and put yourself a house in the midst of your paradise without tripping off the rulers of the land, come to the Loopholer Seminar and learn how to get around them, if possible even how to build them with the intention of building for others, teaching others to build them too, and if imaginable, helping others create family businesses, compounds, and ways to beat the tax man, the rule makers, and others who would stop from letting people seek their level of happiness, even it it does not take a McMansion to find it.  Let us create Tiny Organic Cottage we can live in for the rest of our life and we will give back a level of satisfaction and contentment through out the rest of our lives without taking great resources, creating massive waste, and savoring the time we then have to enjoy the life we have been gifted with on Earth instead of being a debt slave, a drone in a factory, or a prisoner is a system we want to get out of but have not seen the door we dare leave through.  Please consider learning about the Loopholes you can use to escape with, nearly unnoticed if possible, and beg for forgiveness if ever someone should determine what you did was wrong.  I have found it is much easier to get forgiveness than permission on some things, housing like I create being one of them.  Come see the houses, stay at the B&B, or support us by becoming a member on the community website.

Thanks again for reading a couple thousand words that I hope will awaken and inspire others to look at the Pure Salvage Living Renaissance as a path they to can benefit from and thus help make the world a better place.