This Is Now My Home, A Mere 230 Sf Footprint Without Running Water Or AC Electric.  I Am Happy With Such A Simple Life.  Once Upon A Time I Ate Out Of Garbage Cans To Survive.  I Pedaled My Bicycle From Dumpster To Dumpster To Find The Treasures I Needed To Sell, The Food I Needed To Survive, And The Path Out Of My Lowest Point In Life.  I Was 25 Years Old.  I Got To Texas With $650 Buck Living In A Converted School Bus That I Had Converted Into A Tiny House On Wheels.  That Was 1981.  With No Friends Here, No Family, No Support, But A Dream And Hope That I Could Go From Having Nothing To What It Would Take To Write And Publish The Book Of "Wibblry And Wub".  
Over The Decades I Made Millions So That I Could Spend It All To Make This Opportunity Possible With The Hope That My Son Would Take Over One Day.  When My Son, Adam Died Almost 7 Years Ago, I Realized My Destiny Was Not To Hand Him Off My Legacy, But Adopt His Generation, The 25-35 Year Olds And Their Children Who I Believe Will Be The Power And Path To Change, To Move Us Into A New Age, But Only With The Help Of The Elders, And The Youngers Accepting That We May Just Have Something To Offer Most Of My Generation Had Written Off.  I Am Now Turning 62 And This Place I Call Salvage, Texas Is Being Created For YOU.. The Other Part Of The ONE That I Am A Simple Part Of While I Hold Form In This Vessel Known As Darby.  Please Join Me.

The many ponds and camping areas of Salvage, Texas nearly ready for prime time.

Why would anyone come to visit Salvage, Texas?  Why would they want to help create a 43 acre destination where a market for all things organic, salvaged, or created from the pieces of the past and where people could learn, teach their children, and create a Pure Salvage Living lifestyle that will free most from the matrix we have learned does not make us happy.  The American Dream is dying with the generation that created it, not the generations that have followed watching their parents hamstrung by the debt of the lifestyle consumerism and poor eating, health, and big Pharma can instill in our society.  How is it that we are to change fast?  Things happen that create big change into our life fast, without our consent, but we end up in a better place once we make it through the transition.  For me, adversity always led to new opportunity I could not have imagined before I was forced to look that way and take a path I would not have considered before.  Are you there?  Are you at the Chasm at the Fringe where you need to have faith to make it across the new challenging leap of your life.

Besides the many things to do nearby, like Palmetto Park and the Luling park, many other features are coming to life here.  The hike or walking trails, which I hope to also have biking on is going great and already usable on much of the path’s routes.  We have 17 ponds full now and will be able to create even more features and camping areas, as well as permaculture areas for food to grow over as much of the property as possible.  We have grapes, berries, pecans, plums, and many other natural foods growing organically and plan much more when we get more help from others who know more than we do.  The goal is to offer acreage to grow on in return for teaching others how to grow organically, with a permaculture mentality rather than a standard farmer model.

My son created the music to go with an epic poem I wrote called the “Song of Salvage” in a ballad version that I hope will inspire you to consider this path in your search for what you will do next with your incredible life.  Please listen to it, and share with those who might wish to consider saving what we have to create a new world we can proudly pass on to the next generation of stewards for a planet I love dearly.  I hope I may be of help for you or those you know for the wisdom that comes from surviving the greatest challenges and sorrow are what make us strong enough to be there for others when they need the light ahead to spark their hope, passion, and belief that they can not only survive, but thrive because of their belief in themselves and the spiritual power that feeds us all.


I could fit a house over there in the shade that would look like it fit in my hand. We could crane one over the creek into the shade or build it and reassemble it there. Or better yet, some salvage artist will come and build with the materials I will provide for free and then get to stay in it for a month or two in days over the next year.

See how high the pond got here, third in a series that travel down the hillside. It is 25′ deep in this shot but is normally about 23′ deep. The entrance to the caves below, where mud will cleanse your body, and ground you like you have never known.

Temple Tantra sits above a very deep hole. It stayed relatively dry.

For those with the courage to go underground… here is the swim of the day, 45′ below the surface of the pond next door.

Here you can see the contrast in the elevation of the water where the path goes down below just a few feet away, down 50′ below the water’s surface.

More ponds and camping areas are all about the 43 acres of evidence that we can transform land, salvage materials, and create a paradise in the midst of the storm.  Please join me on the path to a Pure Salvage Living Renaissance that will lead people back to a simple life where human energy, ingenuity, and creativity rule the day instead of staying in the box and being drones to debt the rest of one’s life.  Break free now that the world has opened new doors by closing all of the doors you had come to take for granted.

When life begins anew, be ready to adapt, to become the best you can so that you can be the light that guides your friends and family.  We will do all we can to help and I offer our community benefits, information, videos, and more so that you all can learn how to create housing out of salvage and create a new path for your future.  Thank you for opening the dialogue, for it is the only path to progress as the monologue offered by the government and big corporations can no longer be trusted as the best path for the masses.  Empowerment is the result of education, awakening, and the desire to unleash the power of your spirit so that you can do miracles.  Join me on the trip to that place we all seek and help salvage mind, body, spirit, and homes for the millions who need help now!

Please consider joining us for a build of a Loopholer so as to learn how to teach others to use the screens, flooring, siding, and other parts of houses that will allow them to rebuild something rather than have no where to live and be forced into FEMA camps. We have alternatives and do not need the feds camps but their assistance to be able to train people to do this right this time.

Apply to be part of the first wave of Pure Salvage Building and Mining teachers that empower the millions to build their families, homes, and lives once more in an industry that will last for the next two decades in Houston area alone.  This is the time to forgive the student loans, the debt of the masses in this area and all those that help, and the taxes for life on all houses built from American Salvage rather than imports for it will create so many jobs and careers.  Let us write down the debt and taxes so that the people can get up and thrive, and with salvage, we can even grow a new industry that will enable the kids to learn life skills that already have a demand for the next two decades to rebuild the towns around Houston, and the city if we can.

If you want to see what some older women, over 49 years old could do to take a house down to music in 8 days, check out the El Campo Expedition version of the Song of Salvage.  It is full of the percussion of hammers, walls falling, and women at work with the tune Johnny Cash inspired for the words I wrote.  Thank you for sharing as it is the trigger we need to get the words out to the world that there is another path for us to consider.

Will you join us, share with your friends, pay the tuition to send your children, grand children, and the elders who can help as we transfer the knowledge they still hold from decades ago on how to survive such times as these.  Please come if you can with skills, money, positive energy, and the ability to make a difference at a time that you are more needed than ever.  Knowledge is power, passion is the fuel, faith is the engine, and the spirit the driver of the body that you live in, the vessel through which you can direct the Light and make miracles happen.  Please consider joining me in teaching the masses how to build homes from the trash of the past so that we do not need to house them with welfare, but instead empowerment and Hope.  Hope is essential for all the other key components for the synergies that lead to Unity, Community, and the solutions that will last for lifetimes without being driven by greed, but Love for our planet and other beings on our planet, human, pet, or those of nature itself…. for Mother Earth needs all the help she can get to fend off the threats of man which include the manipulating of the weather as a weapon.

My best wishes to all who can make it through the storm and my offering to share what has taken me thirty five years to learn and prepare for this time that has finally come.  While some thought me crazy, this is indeed the beginning of visions I wrote of many decades ago and thought it was simply a Fantasy story called the Book of Wibblry and Wub.  Turns out the story has now manifested as a big part of my reality and I finally understand how important it is to have us join together around the world under the banner of a World Union of Beings ready to enter the millennium of Peace and Prosperity by putting Greed, War, and Violence to death instead of the masses of people who only want to pursue happiness, create art. love their families, and help make the world a nicer place to live.  JOIN me in helping make that possible by creating as many alternatives that make sense instead of just cents as a goal.  Long Live TEXAS as a Republic that defends the right to be FREE to think of the solutions and take action to help others when we need to, not abandon them like the feds did in New Orleans.  Lets get the paths cleared to take care of our own and not ship our citizens away to other states.  If you can support our efforts to offer classes and solutions, to grow Pure Salvage Outposts in empty warehouses, barns, and buildings from here to Houston on High Ground where small villages and encampments could set up on ranches and make a new beginning possible from the salvage of out of the city that will take decades to recover and be inhabitable again.  It will be easier to start again outside and grow back in to the middle for many reasons, the toxins in the water, the radiation, the sewage, and much more to follow will give most pause about moving back into the areas they once lived in and make them safe, well that is another matter.

When ready to get involved and put your money while you have it into something like the materials to build your houses, already in stock at the Tiny Texas Warehouses, enough to build hundreds of tiny houses that would survive a flood.  We can do better and I have spent decades to learn and proven it can be done.  If you can help us take this to the people when they need it most, with video editing, photography, teaching, admin  needed to get the curriculum and books in order that are only in draft form… we need some of you now when your energy can be directed this way because your old world is now gone and the time has come to recreate yourself.  I need some of you who have taken the test of time and stress, have survived without addictions that will now take you down, without the fear but with the faith it will take to move forward when many will simply give up.  I need other leaders to take charge and give the masses direction, the power to change the path of destruction into the opportunity to transform ones life, vacate the old debt, and start over.  If the big corps and banks can, so should all the people in this crisis zone and those who help rebuild it.  The time is NOW!