There Are Some Windows With Diamonds And Squares, Rectangle, Arches, And With Color As Well.

The Red Log Cabin finally gets his windows to the World… built with salvage all the way.

Windows close the space into a place that you can live. It stops the weather and the lookers from joining when they want.

Big Tree is a nickname and this is where he has been working while staying here a while.

Imagine the kitchen will be in this corner, counters and a bar, the place that a family gets together to eat and then to share.

Wooden ceilings, wooden floors, wood around the outer walls, all wood salvaged, no trees cut, the path to houses and other stuff.  Let’s use salvage where we can, not buy new wood or other things.  Vinyl, plastics, toxic waste, please consider the cost of space.  Use the past to build a future that no one can take away.  It need not make you sick and break down in a decade when it breaks, but that is the house Big Business makes.

It is true, we are offering a different path, a venue with sustainable organic healthy cottages in mind. This Pure Salvage Living Ethos is being manifested in a town Wii call Salvage, Texas. Please consider joining us in the Fall/Winter gathering of tribes.

I love this old milk paint green.

Great 1×12 siding and most importantly, battens that I may have a buyer for before we take them off. Hard to find in good condition.


What can you build with the salvage to be had across the world?  Imagine and you add your time, your human energy like rhyme, will form into a poem one day that you can live in, not just say.