KC Is In Training So As To Be Able To Train Others.  My Goal Is To Teach The Teachers So They Can Carry The Ideology To The Masses.

The Red Log Cabin grows its interior skins, coming to life slow but sure.

The Red Log Cabin is hopefully one of a set of three created from a single house we took down in Ft. Worth, Texas.  it is not my favorite form of a building but the goal is to show how we can create houses of all sorts from the salvage of the other obsolete houses we can salvage.  The creations are sustainable and save enormous resources even if they are not the most efficient of the houses I could build.

It takes a lot of different examples in order to prove that people can create houses from nearly any resource that comes from barns, buildings, and homes from the past.  We simply need to apply our ability to be ingenious and have fun creating solutions from trash, creating careers with a passion for saving the best of the past to manifest a future you can be proud to hand off to your family, your community, and a legacy that will last for centuries as towns are created around this newly sustainable building ideology that incorporates the permaculture, the energy efficiency, and the ideology it will take to transform the way we live in America during the harder times ahead.


Loft ceiling is actually pretty tall, and full of light.

The walkway to the window that gives access to the roof.

I love the variegated green look with the grain crying out to be seen and appreciated. We will sand and oil the wood to really accent the grain later.

Tapping the boards to get the tongue and groove to mate, but sometimes that is a bit of a fight.

KC is in training so as to be able to train others. My goal is to teach the teachers so they can carry the ideology to the masses.

A nail here, a nail there, and then a board, more nails, more boards, more nails, and then you have a ceiling of skins from the cuts off 2×6’s turned into flooring years ago.

The foam in the walls is called Isonyne and stops 94% of the heat through the walls, 96% through the ceiling, for more than 24 hours, unlike the inferior and carcinogenic fiberglass.

Using the best of the new with the best of the old lets us create the best solutions for the future building paradigm that respects the planet’s resources, our ancestor’s human energy component in the equation that includes 95% salvage, human energy, ingenuity, and 5% new products to create homes that will last for centuries if we care for them right.

From the ceilings inside to the porch outside, great progress on the Red Log Cabin this week.

The kids who come to learn and grow, to see the path because we show, the life skills that we all should know.  Then off they go to lead many more to learn how this path can provide even more.  Organic Cottages, tiny villages, towns built of the grid.  No matrix binding is like finding a way to really live, to then be happy, not feel crappy, and living life for debt.