This Is About Being A Parent To A Generation Of Kids Who Seem To Be Getting Fooled By The Marketing That They Do Not Know Does Not Represent Their Best Interests.  Yes, Some Will Take Advantage Of Other People For The Money, Not With Any Concern For You.  Please Take The Time To Watch Out For The Safety And Health Of Those You Chose To Raise In Your HOMes.

The resident’s health is the first concern when building a Tiny house, yet few know the issues.

Synchronicity is a matter of things happening at just the right time, of Light shining in on your room at just the right moment to light up the answer to the questions you are working on, the solutions you seek hidden in the light that shines when least expected. Join me in planting seeds in the darkest places so that when the sun shines we will be ready to grow great dreams into our new day, our new reality.


There are many ways to see things, from a distance or up close, but I choose to pick the higher ground to speak of what I know.

I believe there are some issues with the housing trends touted on the TV and through mass media in the last decade.  I see the utter foolishness of fad-driven housing trends that forget logic, financial good sense, and the quality of good health that is far more important than saving money by living in a toxic box on wheels.

What can you see in your future windows? A house without wheels that can move when you wish it too? Every decade or two?

If the issue with the public being taken advantage of when buying inferior products that do not disclose known issues that will affect many who try to live in the diminutive sized homes.   Only with Buyer Education, just like Lead-Based Paint disclosures in older housing, it is imperative Buyers Beware in an industry that does not address the health issues facing their clients due to manufacturing materials choices.

Peace be with the reflections of ourselves that we may see in others. I speak out in order to make others aware, because I care, not to make a profit from the wisdom I can share.

If the corporations that are building the houses are not completing the due diligence in-house to identify future health issues such as outgassing, oxygen volumes required per person, then the job must be picked up by either a consumer watch agency or the people who are impacted.  I have attempted to deflect or offset the consequences of this nearly thoughtless trend to live in Recreational Vehicles that will not be certified by the Federal Government to be inhabitable for more than 48 hours at a time without endangering one’s health.

Oh my God the colors that you gave me for this sight. The broken pieces of wood that came from so many houses blight. I thank you for the chance to hold, to feel, and then to bond with these parts that formed a hOMe I love to see and touch once more.

That classification is one of the main reasons for the need it for the easy financing for THOW’s, as well as getting to use some minimal building standards yet how is it that so much that is harmful in tiny spaces gets ignored?  Well, the government has a special class of houses under 350 sf called Garden Homes that can have higher levels of chemicals outgassing than a large house will have per cubic foot of air by virtue of them not having as much air in them as normal sized houses.  Sealing them up to heat in the winter or cool in the dead heat of summer limits the fresh air intake and exchange to less than three humans breath per hour and the hypoxia people get used to, the headaches they wonder about, and the immune system disorders resulting from stressed out systems that ordinarily are not bombarded with chemicals in gaseous form.  Since you are not supposed to live in them full time, the damage to people is intended to thus be within tolerable limits according to the government, but not for more time than that.

I pause to look and see at last, the work I once did do. It is the chance to have a bit of healthy gratitude. I saved so many boards and windows, doors and even floors, from the dumps and fires that were threatening their life on Earth. Now they join in being all that I could hope they’d be to set the minds of others Free to build their dreams like me.

Why do more people not know of these issues?  Why is no one in the industry screaming from the stage daily with a blowhorn to watch out for the damage to the babies and elderly who will be housed in these Tiny Boxes on Wheels full of chemicals and lacking in proper air exchangers?  Where is the information being made available so as to have the good sense to know you want more as a consumer than the lowest cost box you can find? 

What is more valuable… the health of your and your loved ones or … anything?  Profits for the corporations that build the houses is more important to them, and thus, by law, they are obligated to honor profit for the shareholders first as board members, officers, and employees of any corporation in America.  Hello, consumerism dictated by corporations who write the rules the government used to regulate the masses, housing, and food production.  There is a better way.

There is a different path, one up into the heights of our imagination and potential, the newest ship of hope atop the Miracle Mountain, the Miracle Cottage I Roughed in over 11 days. What can a single old guy with no plan, just a circular saw and impact driver for screws, no nails, and no help build atop a hill created out of industrial waste? It is a beauty sitting 70′ above the pond, 30′ tall, balanced 50′ above the liquid crystal on a manmade mountain.
It has a view that most will savor when they go up to taste the air they could own over Miracle Mountain. Come to see, touch, breathe in, and perhaps even sleep or meditate high above the trees. Come to visit Salvage, Texas in the near future and let the dreams flow thereafter in directions you only dreamed you could manifest but thenceforth will know is also possible.

Great, if it includes the air quality, and quantity needed to be healthy in a closed up heated Tiny House for a night… mold issues in tiny environs, but it should be an entire panel dedicated each year to building healthy Tiny Houses on Wheels. We should instead be focusing on how many things we can fit in that outgas, create electromagnetic fields that are dangerous fumes, use propane with oxygen shortages to support both people and fire, as well as other factors that have arisen as this experiment using humans as guinea pigs continue. At some point the fact that the regulations in this industry allow for total idiots to build boxes as cheap as they can, use shipping containers with toxic floors, and so many other means of creating a badly needed solution to low income and minimalism housing. I believe that no solution can come without Salvage Materials as a key component of the future. It is the treasure load of fossil fuel energy free building methods that utilize the highest quality wood, glass, and hardware we have ever created in the world.  We could create the Co-ops, markets, and villages once we prove the model is viable, that people can Thrive in such enclaves of like-minded folks as we can assemble as we migrate, downsize, and prepare for the Baby Boomers to age gracefully or die in strife.  What do we leave the children besides a bunch of worn out bodies with old adults barely lucid and on big Pharma’s wagon for the rest of their drugged out lives?  I suggest we can offer empowering solutions based on the treasures at hand around the country, from salvaging buildings, barns, and houses, to the Salvation of millions of lives that are in danger of becoming useless when there is so much they can do, and have fun doing it as well.

Have you ever stood before a window that was 150 years old, yet beautiful in many ways, and likely to still be here long after I am gone? If not, I recommend this one for a few minutes or so. It gives one time to consider the coal was pulled from mines by barefoot 12-year-olds in a time when fathers rarely lived past 43 due to the working conditions of miners and loggers in the 1700-1800’s in America. Savor the product of their work in a time before the electricity was so taken for granted that few can survive without it anymore.

vision for Salvagefaire
Our Pure Salvage Living Renaissance is intended to reawaken the desire to live in a fashion that helps the world rebuild its balance of sustainable population growth, for all the beings, whales, elephants, people, and the many species we share the world with as we all try to find happiness. Our ability to communicate with others is at its highest level in the history of our society so the concept of a World Union of Beings is possible for the first time. Earths masses could actually unite our planet toward a common goal. Tiny Houses on Wheels are a distraction from the logical direction this should go in… not trapping $10,000 assets like trailers under houses that will likely never travel more than three times in their lifespan. Instead use those resources, the steel, the tires, the energy it took to build them, cost to market, resources, and toxins to make the steel, then you must address the lack of sustainability which is really my point.

A house for me, a house for you, a tiny house will often do, but if you need more space than one, build another just for fun.

Where could we go if Wii could be the path into our next century. Building houses from the past will give us time to make Earth last.

Why not at least put the high water mark in front of the public that will build, live inside of, raise their kids in, and create our future in by full disclosure, honest due diligence by the builders rather than leaving it up to the consumer to learn about and avoid the dangers. The fact that a Doctor Plastic could create a toxic all vinyl Tiny House On Wheels that would produce so much Endocrine Disruptive Compounds as to practically change a baby boy into a girl through inhalation of the Estrogen mimicking chemicals we use for transgender transformations.

If you go to the coming Tiny House Jamboree in Austin, or any other industry promotion, please ask them to offer classes, seminars by the experts, and let the public know what to Beware of when shopping for an RV class mobile box on wheels to live in.  Know the facts, and if they are not offering them, wonder Why?  If it would convince you to reconsider buying their products, and that is the only reason that they can justify their ignorance of these issues when you ask about them, or poo-poo them away rather than address them seriously, perhaps not even knowing of these things, then reconsider buying one of their offerings until they learn how much air per hour Wii humans need to stay healthy, and why their house does not provide an option for three people to live in it and have enough air to not get hypoxic overnight on a regular basis when the windows and doors are sealed shut to keep warm or cold while lacking the insulation to attain either comfort zone and still allow for fresh air within the potentially toxic capsule you choose to live in.  Be Sure it is safe before you get a loan for $80,000 you will not be able to evade later due to the potential health issues like chronic congestion, migraines, or other symptoms that most with Lupus, Fibromyalgia, and other immune system disorders or allergies that will only be aggravated by such living conditions, not to mention the babies that are expected to develop under such conditions while sucking up the heaviest of the gases near the floor where they play and breath, as well as the other things that they do not have the blood-brain barrier to stop from entering the brain and causing permanent damage.  Don’t take Statins Guys… it turns yu into an idiot!

Me and my Baby Doll, the sweetest little spirit that shares my life at Salvage, Texas. Unconditional love at its best.

Is any price worth such risk and how could anyone making houses babies will live in not address this before selling to young couples intent upon raising families in Tiny Boxes on Wheels?

This is about being a parent to a generation of kids who seem to be getting fooled by the marketing that they do not know does not represent their best interests. Yes, some will take advantage of other people for the money, not with any concern for you. Please take the time to watch out for the safety and health of those you chose to raise in your hOMes.

I offered to speak at several of the Jamboree events to make more people aware, but the powers that make the money from the events are a bit concerned that people might get overly concerned about such things and delay a purchase, question quality controls, and perhaps hurt the growing industry rather than focus on the people who will live in the houses that they are promoting.  I believe it is the job of the industry to police itself, to set the regulations, to teach the buyers who will live in their homes how to Thrive, not to pay the doctors later to stay alive due to cancer, respiratory problems, mold contamination, and various other problems that have been identified as we progress further into the world of downsizing the housing in our country.

I have never been given that chance at an event anywhere in the nation in the last ten years of addressing these issues in an industry normally silent over such things.  Still, I do believe I have no choice but to speak up where others choose to be shy (or driven by greed, not their hearts ) and state the truth where others prefer obfuscation and good marketing slogans to go with the enormous amount of advertising it takes to sell products that do not sell themselves.  Pity.  There is a more honorable path with Truth at the lead and profit a product of great works, not chicanery and deceit… or so I prefer to look at the world… an opinion amongst the many.

I look at all the ready for the Light to shine on me, and the rain and thunder that can follow when you set the people free. So as I finish writing these few words to change your day, I ask that you might share them as it won’t happen any other way. I do not advertise as I have naught left for sale except the thoughts of helping you keep from suffering and Fails.

If more were doing this by choice rather than lack of financial alternatives, I think that the industry would be forced to produce a finer product but the demand is from those who have the lease money, thus the least recourse in the event that they are the victims of poor craftsmanship, due diligence in design, and proper financial advisors to explain the logistics issues with moving into a mobile home on wheels that can not go into a mobile home park because it is classed as an RV.  It is extremely limited through Neighborhood Association, Deed Restrictions, and the neighbors as to what you can do, where you can live in one, hook up to utilities without being fined, or even go out and live on a vacant property if you do not have approval.

The best book on Tiny Homes for shelter in the world and our Red Mascot is on the cover. My first born organic cottage in the 80 house series unmatched throughout the world.

Do we really see our selves in the mirror? When you look close into your own eyes, deep into the Being there within… Do You See Your “Self” and Love It Unconditionally?

One of the possible futures in our ever-changing world, is that the markets and the houses will encourage even more. To this end, I would like to see some others come and share, by building on the vision with a piece that can be yours.

Join me if you dare to dream and manifest them Now! We have the opportunity to let more grow this now. Please let me know if I can help to answer what you need to join us in the purpose …
do not follow… Lead!

It is outlawed by codes in most of the USA now, and where not, there is a movement to be sure that they can create new villages for the tiny homes for poor people, but not in my backyard mentality prevails in most towns as if it is a low-income high crime development in the making from the beginning.  How do we solve the plight of the homeless, the aging without safety net population that is about to burst out of their job security and into a world of yet unpaid debts for living large while young?  Where are we to look for solutions?  That is simply answered if we understand how the Bureaucracies are determined to prevent us from empowerment with the tools and materials on hand!  The American Made Products that were meant to last for lifetimes and still have a few more lifetimes of use if we do not throw them into landfills but use them to create new housing instead, thus reducing the 50% 0f our landfills presently classified as building materials.  We can do better and it is a means of creating employment, housing, and a future without imports, massive new resources being taken from the planet, nor new fossil fuel energy being used to create the materials to build our new millennium with, nor the creation of new toxins and global pollution creating the new building materials that we have a plenty already, just awaiting human energy and imagination to free them and reform them into solutions we can all live better with for the rest of our lives.

The view from Salvage, Texas is amazing all the time. Morning, noon, or after dark the sights are always seen.

Please join me in the Pure Salvage Living Renaissance and become part of the String of Salvage Pearls that will be Co-ops across America, on indigenous lands, in rural areas outside the cities so that those who wish to create a new path of healing and enlightened living can do so with the help of others already further down the path to the Red Bridge in our future, to the Double Rainbows End where Wii can all join hands and celebrate the Era of Peace and Prosperity that only Wii can make happen, the “I’s” of the World Unite for a common good.

I am indeed filled with the light that glows new every day, it is the light within my self that keeps me here at play.

Darby Lettick

August 2018


So the Giant Tiny House Jamboree is in Austin this year. My backyard, amazingly less than an hour away, but when they called to sell me space in the event, I offered instead to go there and offer my 35 years of being in the Salvage Mining, Salvage Building, inner-city Revitalization, and Sustainable Building experience on a panel for discussion. I hoped to help work through the air quality and toxicity issues that are a serious consideration if you are interested in Tiny Houses on Wheels that are being produced generally. They were not interested in offering that talk to the public that might come to the event, though I offered to do it for free, for three years in a row… No!
These are the issues that seem to be ignored by the industry. Outgassing, air quality, and molds that often show up from leaks in RV’s that people are living in which are rarely addressed by the industry that finds it more profitable to ignore than to compensate for by building better quality products that will cost more and perhaps, not make as large of a profit for the manufacturer.
How do we address these issues as the masses move to downsize as a means of surviving through the changes in job status, heating costs, taxes to keep what we have, and many other factors that are forcing people to give up the American Dream of having giant houses, spare cars in the garage, TV’s in every room, and distraction. We are living in a surreal world, unlike any time in history, that gives us a million ways to live unhealthy lives that are debt-laden or without purpose. We can do better and have a way for anyone to do the same. I hope the sites, ideas, and the commentary inspire you to start creating homes out of Salvage Materials in your area too. Help me protect the babies, even the Fur Babies like the one I hold and love unconditionally below, one of my many babies I adopt and call Wii.

Darby Lettick
August 2018