The response was incredible, so we are going to build a series of Kidds and Swanns … to sell!

Yes, I am going to build some more houses for the Bed and Breakfast operations at Salvage, Texas and since the response was so incredible and the support so genuine, we have found a path we will continue on to build Salvage, Texas into what I imagine it could be, owned in part by hundreds of people who can own houses here, come visit, learn, and then take their Tiny Organic Cottages away in ten years after my lease to keep it here us up with the new owners. In the meantime they get to come use the house at least 30 days a year, and if working here to help build things, even more days as long as they prepare it for guests that might be scheduled to stay there once they leave so I do not have to pay for maid service. Yes, write off your visits to Salvage, you meals, and spend time away from the city learning how to manifest houses with human energy and salvage, or work in the Salvagefaire Markets, be part of a music or film festival now and then, or just support us as we create the example of what an alternative organic tiny environmental footprint can be.

Not far from Salvage, Texas, less than six miles from the entrance to us, is the entrance to Palmetto Par, the San Marcos river though is only a half mile away. See what you could be doing here too. While staying in one of our BnB Organic Cottages you can also take a walk through this paradise nearby known as Palmetto Park, but we have more nature walks and frisbee golf too.

The time is nearly ripe to put up our sign and make it official. We have a few test runs to see how we can handle a crowd, get the bath houses, showers for campers, and a bit more preparation, …. cash flow, cash flow, ….. so check out the chance to invest in a Tiny Texas Organic Cottage to be leased back and let you stay there for events as well as making an incredible income from it as a return thanks for your help and support at this juncture in our growth and expansion.

We will build out many forms of sustainable housing, from up in the trees to down below the ground where we will also grow food. Salvage, Texas is going to be a destination place for the 16,000,000 people who live in cities around us so that they can come learn, share, and take away the essence of what it means to be part of the Pure Salvage Living Renaissance. From Organic foods, lifestyles, alternative medicines and practices to stay in a healthy vessel, and much more are intended to be part of this example of what we could do if we do not want to participate in the big PHARMA for life program that most seem to be leaning toward.
So, how will we make this happen?

Once upon a time we gave a Tiny House away. Guess what, this time it will be a package of the parts you will need to build an even bigger house where ever you want yours to be one day.

Yes, it seems like just a couple years ago, but indeed it has been more. Now you could get the parts to make an even larger Organic Cottage for Free as a member of Pure Salvage Living.

Some of the houses you could own are shown here in their early days. You could become a member and win packages of materials to build a house like this, with this plan, materials kits and known solutions are all available to you now. You could own a piece of history with these vintage Tiny Texas Houses, including the Red Mascot which is the first Tiny House I ever built.

Yes, this is just one of 7 houses you could stay in to find out what your organization could teach people how to build. It is a big downsize but with a common bath house, community kitchens, and other elements, new forms of village living could be created in the outskirts of cities that could become self sufficient using salvage materials, a market to sell the wares created out of them, as well as the houses they could build and sell. It is a way of teaching a path to Salvation through salvage. It works. Come visit, even invest in a Tiny House in Salvage, Texas and have it here to give you income, depreciation so that the government pays for it, be ready for the SHTF moment with a back up outside of the city, or just build houses somewhere once you learn how.
You could nearly build two of these with the first package of materials we are offering as it does not need so many windows as it is only 80 sf on the first floor.

The Red Log Cabin is only the first of what we project will be four from the one house we took down in a Salvage Bootcamp in 5 days in Weatherford, Texas last year.

Gypsy Too is under construction and will have a king size bed and twin above, and be exceptionally exotic with stained glass all about. You could help finish it out by joining us in the seminars and then get to stay in it, possibly for another free night if you are a great help in getting it finished by coming to the free seminars to make it finish manifesting.

Another view of the Gypsy Too roofline, and the back porch.

The objective is to get to the point that we can teach this skill of creating housing from imagination, salvage, and human energy is a path for many to follow and create a good life and income out of.

I am focusing on creating some more Organic Cottages in the style of the Kidd and the Gingered Swan, as well as the Gypsy’s and some Log Cabins. Each of these will be put up for sale in the same fashion where by the people who invest will get the benefits while they lease it to us for 10 years then take them away if they want or renew a lease of some sort again if they do not sell the house back to us for a guaranteed price equal to what they paid originally. They can also trade their equity up into other houses we may build along the way to creating over 200 houses for people to experience during the markets, events, seminars, retreats, weddings, and other reasons I am creating this town. Please join us by putting a deposit down on the next series of houses, the Red Log Cabin, the Gyspy Too, or the first of the Loopholers and be the owner, first to sleep in it, and hopefully be the steward of it for many decades to come.

If you are interested in owning one of the next half dozen we are committing to adding in the next 4 months, please let us know fast as the slots for this sort of offering are limited and as the demand increases, the return to the investors will diminish, like all things, short on supply means higher pricing. Get a cherry location for your house in this series as well, for we are opening a new section of trees and pond views up for this collection of houses. Limit is two houses per family, extended family included so as not to have any group dominate the development early. IF a group does want to get together, perhaps say with a common theme like Yoga or health, music or such, we will allocate an acre of the future developing areas to that focus and help mentor a space for artists, musicians, and alternative health practitioners. We will even supply the materials to build a booth or vendor space if you supply the human energy or the cost of manifesting it with others help.

The Retreat and Gypsy Too are sharing the Bay for the moment alone, uncrowded, and looking good.

Darby invites you to explore, invest, and come have some fun at the events we will be having starting in June. Music events, film festivals, market days for all things salvaged, and much more cool events at Salvagefaire, in Salvage Texas of course. Don’t know where that is…. may need to become a member to find out. hehe.

My caverns with pring rain water for mud baths that release the toxins from the body through the skin.

This a couple years later, the work out space for in the mornings.

So as we venture off into this new realm of developing where you get to own a Tiny Texas Organic Cottage, make a good income and tax benefits, as well as use it often as you might desire, please share this with the sorts of people I want to have join us. If it were not for the last group of buyers who joined us being so incredible, I would not have considered this path to finishing Salvage, Texas, but it will indeed be the best path as so many will get a chance to be a part of it, help build it, and benefit from what we create together.

Thank you for following. The deposit on the new houses we will create will $10,000 and they will sell for between $25,000-$30,000 each with the 10 year leaseback. Shorter leasebacks where people want to take a house away in five years rather than ten will cost more if you check out of the lease early, but it is still possible as some people are old enough that ten years seems like a long time to wait, but that is not my preference so they will get last consideration as buyers. The door is opening with the offerings this week, Vicky Won (which may already have a buyer), the Red Log Cabin, the Loopholer, and the writers cottage. If you follow our newsletter or you are a member, you will find out about the specials and getting to have some pick on the windows and doors if you put the deposit up before I start building. Wow, you can be a part of the design, a small part unless you have incredible taste and style for salvage design. Join us now if you can or tell your friends so they can bring you to visit down the road one day.
Come take a look at Salvage, Texas from the air. Join us in the fall for the grand opening of Salvagefaire Market.