This Junket Built With Junk Indeed Is Meant For All To See So That The Millions Still Out There Who Do Not Know This Can Be.

The Rough in is finished and I survived Alive.

With only one close call with Death I finished up last night.

The Miracle I built this month shall take its maiden flight.

I’m off to see the stars and more,

to bring back some for You,

so that I may inspire others

to prepare and Do!

One Wow shot after another. My baby is looking good upon the Mountain that I made.

This Junket built with Junk indeed is meant for all to see so that the millions still out there who do not know this can Be.

I reflect upon the world with energy that comes from me. It is imagination and my Spirit flowing Free.

11 houses gave their windows, many gave their boards. Some homes gave beams and flooring under, some gave rails it seems.

It is the view without the rose colored glasses that lets us see this raw. It will grow nicer with the passing of more time and care.

Ya all come and visit soon for it will be possible to sit and see the moon, or meditate to see the Light from up here looking down.