The Sunshine only gets through if you open up the Blinds

Nearly dark above but light below.

Keep in mind this is the middle of the day in Texas where the sun does shine. The upper floor is nearly dark but just the front windows are actually covered differently than they will be when done, and even then the glass is all textured and will buffer the sunlight of West Texas very well.
The opening to the top is quite organic once again, but there will be different features that will make this more special than any one I have done yet for sure.

The Tantra Temple will be similar with stained glass up above,
the sun will shine with vigor but worst will not come in.

Alright….. Darby comes to chat….

I love this part of it,
as the picture tells the story
of what my mind has seen
through the best of my three eyes
once an image, seems so clean.

I thank the Spirits and the people
that keep passing through my life
who assist in comprehending
what I find within the Light.

Tis the act of just believing
that Awakes your inner sight,
and the visions you are having
aren’t just dreams that fill the night.

Look about you with new vision,
see the dead homes all around.
Hear them call out to your spirit

for your new hOMe to be found.

Vicki Zebu from the entry view, the kitchen, bath and living all in 250 sf of TAXABLE square footage.

It is not so darned outlandish
to imagine such is so,
for you see before you evidence
that proves I really know.

What more can I hold out to you
beyond what I can do,
to show you how it came to be
that I simply tell the Truth.

If I can do it, you can do it,
with those you know and Love.
We can all work best together
and thus have more from above.

All you need is out there waiting
for the spark that lights your fire,
so I offer these great pictures
for your passion and desire.

That is what can fuel us greater
than all other things we have,
Its the Love we have for others
who will benefit so well.

A portal for the energy that comes from our great Sun.

If we simply take a moment,
spend some time to build our hOMes,
find the Love we have to fill them,
not to slave for, One you Own.

If you give this to your daughter,
If you pass it to your sons,
This old wood will last much longer
so they too may pass it on.

And thus your legacy becomes,
Not what you had but Did,
with the life you had upon this Earth,
what you left for those who live.

Tis not the objects or the wealth,
So many people prove,
that the money is distraction,
in the end, it is a tool.

My loft will hold all dreams, and more

So please enjoy my seedlings,
Let them sink into your mind,
for I think that after dreaming
you may see the roots and vines.

You will share the hope that I have found,
in seeing people Light,
when they realize they can escape,
what they thought of as a plight.

The gifts abound for those who look
With others on their mind,
to give more leads to treasures
you can share when you can find.

It’s the giving not the getting
that will get you in the end,
all the dreams you ever wished for
all the things you need to mend.

The Vicky Zebu Loft above is also lit by glass

The Vicky Zebu Loft above is also lit by glass that will fill the room with color and with textures sure to last.

You can find your balance once again.
Be free and full of life.
Escape the Ego of the Past,
escape the stress and strife.

We each can walk a different path,
Of acts, not words, or thought.
We can live the passion of our lives,
and have the dreams we sought.


You can see inside but barely, though it is a glass front door, If the sun is really shining, you will see me where I may glow.