The Temple Tantra: Built to Travel the Middle Path to Enlightenment

The Temple Tantra Office is the highest level in the house.

Built to travel the Middle Path

The Temple Tantra bedroom will be quite a site to see,
the hanging bed suspended from the roof will swing foot free.
The windows will let magic in the form of Love instilled,
when the masters who created them thought up what they would do.

I live the life of dreams come true,
from giving all I have,
To take what others threw away,
to give it Life again.

There is no other path for me,
the middle I have found,
the Love I feel is infinite,
full of colors and of sounds.

The office will have more than just a chair, a desk and table, even more.

The energy is endless
as it pours into my life,
from the spirit that has guided me
through great trials and my strife.

Thus finally after decades
lost in all the stress and pain,
My successes have a meaning
and my vision still sustains.

From this loft I will be dreaming,
of the days that lie ahead,
when the product of this lifetime
will be finally watched and read.

From my pillow I will see this every morning and at night, either sun or moon will light it, and will always do it right.

Tis the dream of any author,
who attempts to put to words,
what the life force has to offer,
all the Love that can be shared.

Thus I send a thousand images
across the world wide,
if a picture tells a story
that will enter through the eyes.

From the office to the bedroom, just across the small divide,

With its thousand words and features,
colors fill concerted light,
Nooks and crannies all hold secrets
that are nearly out of sight.

These are pictures that I offer
to the world that looks for Love
and there is no better method
Than to see it from Above.


In the corner of the bedroom where a wind will blow so free.

So join me in my fantasy,
a childhood reborn,
with a dream that others will desire,
to Save our Earth, our Home.

Darby 2013




I sent out several posts to see what the spread would be this time for who got to see what. Only 6 people were sent this picture in the posting of it. I guess it is not as popular to the Facebook post censors as the other post that got exposed to more people. Luckily for some, those who saw it shared it with 36 others to kick it up but the initial reach was only less than 40 people on two of the picture posts.
This is why the blog make more sense to spend time on since I would not know what reaches my Friends who have liked this site. Now that Facebook is selling exposure to my Friends for $100 per 15,000 of you, and with a Friends of Friends base of nearly 6,000,000, the cost to get one picture, one image of a Tiny Texas House could be astronomical. Thus the perpetuation of building a following for them to capitalize on at my expense in spite of the traffic I generate that I then must pay for to reach back to.
My blog does not cost so much, can be accessed by anyone who joins the site, and will open up much better doors to learn more about how Pure Salvage Living can change your life and put you in a home one day that will last the rest of your children’s, children’s lives.
So for now, here is a great shot of my home, soon to be finished I hope, after 8 years of building houses for others, this will be mine to sleep in soon.
Thank you for following and sharing the meaning and spirit of Tiny Texas Houses and the Pure Salvage Living Renaissance I am working night and day to bring to life on a global basis. Tiny Texas Territories will be the proof that we can do what we believe we can do with nothing but what is gifted to us daily by the Earth I love so much.
Want to see inside? Are you ready to expand your mind and look outside the box.