Once This Imaginative Town Of Salvage, Texas Was Envisioned, Then Action Put In Place, For It Is The Human Energy We Need To Run This Race.  Look At All The Water And Please Know 5 Years Ago, There Was Not An Inch Of Water Where The Ponds And Creek Now Flows.  Fish, Turtles, Frogs, Birds, And So Much More Now Live Off From The Product Of My Imagination.  We Can Make A Difference In The World By How We Live Our Life Instead Of Spending The Life Hours Wasted And Watching TV.

The Time to change our path is Near. Is your future passion clear? What do you do to bring it here?

Instead of wasting away too many hours worrying about the future, upset about the past, I have taken to digging into the possibilities of the future that would create a world I would love to live in.  As the world changes, I am attempting to create a model of permaculture, of alternatives to creating sustainable housing, food production, and communities created with sustainability in mind foremost.

Once this imaginative town of Salvage, Texas was envisioned, then action put in place, for it is the Human Energy we need to run this race. Look at all the water and please know 5 years ago, there was not an inch of water where the ponds and creek now flows. Fish, turtles, frogs, birds, and so much more now live off from the product of my imagination. We can make a difference in the world by how we live our life instead of spending the life hours wasted and watching TV.

Imagine Love & never Fear…   Prepare by learning and be sure to help each other as we go into an ice age some will know.  While it will be warmer in Texas, it is still cold here compared to normal.  If those who have not seen my writings in the past few years warning of the cold coming to certain parts of the world that would force the downsizing the households of America as the food and fuel to stay alive will make a tiny house most desirable.  Is the Mass Media Narrative finally shifting to let the public know the truth… that the sun is quieting down for the next few decades, in the best case scenario, with the worst going much longer as history has proven is possible?

No such issue exists with a house created out of incredible materials like the Monty Grand Victorian. It could be had for the price of a Tumbled-weed Mobile home on wheels price yet be a home that would last a lifetime instead. This example, known as the Monty Grand Victorian, is complete and has been kept like a museum collector piece for several years, un-lived in, but instead preserved with great care to this day. Now it is available “For Sale”. Resting in New Braunfels, Texas.


You can get a set of plans for the Monty Grand Victorian or buy the original piece of House Art, better preserved than any other Tiny Texas House ever made… as well as one of the best houses they have created.

Tiny does not have to mean all new materials that are plain.  It can be beautiful and make it possible to live well, but on a downsized level that will give you a house for a lifetime you can afford to keep once you own it.  Not the case with giant houses necessarily.

Gifts like this that you can not imagine are all around the world. In the song of Salvage for the El Campo Expedition, you will hear the music filled with hammers, crashing walls, and women beating on wood as we took this house down in 8 days.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Iey20cA4P0QYears ago when we started creating houses out of salvage, most thought we were crazy.  Now, the idea is beginning to trend as people come to realize that the weather is not going to get so much warmer as it will colder.  The extreme changes are not due to mankind, but to the Sun and how it will change our world again soon.  We should be listening to those who have been studying the history, and know that the public has been duped by the “Gore-founded Global Warming caused by Man” propaganda campaign.  It is nice to see people are waking up to the reality.  CO2 follows the heat does not precede it and that it is essential to get big trees and things to grow well.  Finally the people who have been falsifying data are being exposed and thus proven to be fraud, intentionally so.   The models for global warming are false, have no foundation, and have not shown out over the last decade.  Sadly many will suffer over this campaign, but it appears like those who do not Wake Up will likely suffer for it.

Even in Texas ... Snow

Please consider the sustainable housing alternatives as you decide to downsize, voluntarily or otherwise, millions will this year… and we need more people building this way to fulfill the demand already in place, as well as what will come by those who do want to build sustainably and without newly manufactured materials and toxins.  Hopefully, you will be able to Wake Up and join us as we grow a Pure Salvage Living Co-op network so as to share, grow, and educate more to the solutions that will empower so many to thrive off from what was once considered trash… or salvage as we prefer to call it.  50% of the landfills are building materials and half of that could be used to create new housing.  Will this be part of your future path?  A Family or Small Business based on doing good things for people, the planet, and the future of the children who will be born in the toxin-free cottages we can create without imports, cutting trees, making glass, or most of what we need to create millions of houses each year, starting right now.

One of my favorites, the Gingered Swan, is a legendary 80 square foot ( 10 sq. m.) bottom floor that is the destination for people from around the world, a night sleeping in an organic cottage in the Heart of Salvage, Texas.

From the top of Miracle Mountain I bid you Good day and invite you to join us on a fantastic trip into what the imagination can manifest with the help of a few million friends. Please join me and help create something bigger than any of us can create alone. A World Union in Believers that we can make a difference by joining together and living the life it will take to create a millennium of Peace and Prosperity that I envision is possible in the not to distant future.

Waiting only lessens the vast resources, treasures hiding in plain sight that can be used to create solutions that will empower millions to create solutions without government help, global corporations, or much of anything more than human energy, nails, screws, insulation, and a few other parts and pieces we can make in America.


Long ago we were featured on a publication up in Canada and yet so many have never heard of what we did.

The front cover of the best book ever written on tiny houses of so many forms by one of my people, Lloyd Kahn who asked to use my Red Mascot for his book. See what can happen from a simple dream of stacking up salvaged wood to create an organic cottage.

This is the general concept of how this will evolve, but all things change as time goes by and the new energy a buyer could bring to this is what I hope to see help it grow long after I am gone.
Let us see if the right people come along to invest and hold a vision that in common, will be a great place to visit when we are done creating our dreams.

Most recently, we are adding waterways to feed the permaculture, to feed the land and many critters that live here now.

The newest ponds are holding and expansion still goes on.

You can see some of the changes here as I repeat myself.   Once this was envisioned, then action put in place, for it is the Human Energy we need to run this race. Look at all the water and please know 5 years ago, there was not an inch of water where the ponds and creek now flows.

Thank you for following and hopefully considering becoming part of the Pure Salvage Living Co-op as a Charter Member with the parts and pieces you will need, the space to learn how, and to create your dream cottage one day.  Please consider investing in your future as well as the perpetuation of the sustainable salvage building ethos proven possible by Tiny Texas Houses.

Salvage, Texas is a place to learn, park a house for a while, possibly a lifetime, and then share with others, lighting the candles of passion, hope, and inspiration in millions of others who will find these solutions gratifying, empowering, and therefore pass forward the gifts it brings into our lives.  It is how we live our lives that will determine much of the future for the generation to follow.  Let us give them something to hope for, to live for, and to thrive in the future they will inherit long after we are gone.

Thank you for your support and sharing with those who might benefit, but also might help build hundreds of houses from salvage for others as a career too.

We have a few spaces for those who want to join us in the Loopholer seminar to finish the project started in the first Loopholer seminar.  Want to come and be a part of it?  Better check in soon with your friends, or soon to be… at Tiny Texas Houses and Pure Salvage Living.  Sign up for the newsletter today too.  So this is going to be the follow up and there is a chance a few more people will get to come.  Are you one of them?  Better hurry and get in touch.  Brad@tinytexashouses.com will link you up.