The Full View Of The Dining And Kitchen Area.  This House Is 12' X 28' For The Main Body Of The House.

The Vesper Casa Morning Glass

Vesper Casa Morning Glass has the clouds and sky within. It brings it to the bedroom where it stays both night and day.

A Vesper Casa Morning Glass

The morning sky imbedded in a single piece of glass,
The racks of Elk and Deer protect the entrance to the pass,
Where dreams will grow and be fulfilled,
what ever you should want,
The Vesper Casa answers prayers
with magical delight.

Our Angel sits a watching
over all who pass him by.
He blesses them with Love anew
each morning and each night.

He watches over Home and Hearth
protecting all who come.
It doesn’t really matter
who they are or where they’re from.

So come and have a visit
in the Vesper Casa soon.
She’ll be going to Cotulla
which is somewhere near the moon,

So I doubt you’ll ever see her
once she gets out to here Home,
where she’ll stay for several centuries,
Out where the cattle roam.


The Angel on the ledge appears to look at us below.

The path below is whimsical but safe as you can be.


The full view of the dining and kitchen area. This house is 12′ x 28′ for the main body of the house.