The Vesper is so full of Love it pours out of the floor.

The Vesper is so full of Love it pours out of the floor.

This shot was taken with my Iphone. No photoshop or touch up to make the purple, just natural Sun light letting us know we are Loved and favored for the work we do.

The cloud this Casa floats upon

is one that I have formed

with imagination, Love,

and the Desire to Give back

My Tiny Texas Houses are manifested from the Past.

Purple Haze is in my eyes,
from the days of Jimmy Hendrix
and with the dreams of days long past,
I pray that we can find a fix
and make some changes fast.
For It seems that if we do not change
This planet can not last,
and thus I build with only parts
that will preserve our past.
Behold the light that shines upon
Ideas that we share,
for they are intended to insure
the solutions will be there,
when the time arrives that we can see,
and finally learn to share.

The Vesper Casa is a 12′ x 28′ Tiny Texas House full of wonder and surprises.

 It does not conform to many rules, grows free and full of life.  

It has the parts of 30 houses and yet it looks like every part was made for just this house.  

I have mixed the many parts she brought with Love and through my Heart,

have created her a home that will fulfill here dreams to start.  

Then as she lives there and they grow toward peace and age with grace,

the Vesper Casa will remain the home and resting place,

for every day that ends in dreams of Love that fills this space.


The porches on this beauty fold up to go for rides but the truck it takes to pull is a giant, no surprise.

Thank you for visiting my Web site and being part of the Pure Salvage Living Renaissance, for it is the thoughts and the actions of the people of the planet that will bring it back to hopefulness and passion all around.  If we do not make changes soon, then solutions won’t be found.  I feel this is the easy path to stretching what we have and giving Earth a little break from taking all she has.

Please join me in the mental state that this can be the path, to save all that we have on hand and try to bring it back to being what we need instead of taking ever more, and never looking back at all the damage we have caused.  Please think ahead those decades that the future children share, and leave them with at least a chance of having something fair, and with that leave them with some hope that better lay ahead, instead of thinking all there we have is a planet nearly dead.