Please Join Me For A Moment To Reflect & Share A Thought.

The Waters of Life Flowing By…

Please join me for a moment to reflect & share a thought.

The Water of Life.

A peaceful place to meditate

upon the night and days,

It is the best of places

to give thanks for what we have,

the messages we need in life

come singing while we pray,

as the choices create actions

that become the life we lead.

Down the creek the water runs,

as if it never ends. 

Our lives pour out the minutes,

seeming endless, We pretend.

It all depends on how you view

the creek you live nearby…

Is the water coming at you Life?

Do you know or wonder Why?

How do you view the world

as you ford the creek of life?

Is this your hell you’re viewing,

or your Paradise, not Strife?


When the evening comes

and the water flows

until its out of sight,

Will you remember all the bubbles,

that flowed past while it was light?


It is the memories we make,

while in our body here,

that lights the future we may share,

while on this crazy sphere. 

I wade into the Water,

feel the current and the cold,

I bath and cherish all the sounds,

the flavors, and the views.

I wonder at the many things

Like the sun set out of sight. 

as the colors seep into the pool

to charge it for the night.


But when this life seems over,

Yet we dream of future days,

while looking at the sunset,

We decide we want to stay.


Be sure to note the beauty,

hear the water rushing by,

note the smells and tastes about you

as you live out this short life.


For if you take such moments

as your life doth pass each day,

Then appreciate the love you have

before it goes away.


You will then enjoy the memories,

Like the water in the pools

that are clusters in the hollows

of the creeks within the woods.

The rocks we grow a life upon,

sit amidst the wild woods,

The floods wash all away from us

Yet Spirit like moss holds,

to the rocks that are the strongest,

to the ones that seem to bold.

But it is their Spirits anchored

in the water of their Faith,

that allows them to hold up the dreams

a Strong foundation makes.


So please don’t worry about water

that is coming or has passed,

but focus on where you may be,

and be thankful while it lasts.

Darby Lettick

June 1, 2018