The Sunset Holds So Much To See, The Passing Of Each Day, And Gives Us Hope From What We Learned To Find A Better Way.  Please Join Me In This New Phase Of A Plan That Could Change The World, One Life At A Time.

The Winner is: Ta Da Daaa….. “I Have A Dream Too”

This was a difficult decision as it included many considerations as to what we want to do with the development of the Pure Salvage Living Renaissance thinking.  For example to be able to follow along with someone transitioning from the traditional roles of the American Dream to the alternate reality of a simpler life relatively off the financial and energy grids so as to enjoy a different version of life that allows for creative endeavors and time with those we love the most.

This stained glass will be included in prize package. Great for a loft window.

To that end I had several considerations and did not hold the grammar, spelling, and composition issues as paramount in the decision making process though I had to cringe at the misspellings, syllabic flow rhythms, and other things that I hold dear as a writer.  The descriptive words, gilded rooms of thought that I enjoy imagining, the articulation of a dream, and the way one tells a story were all part of the play but also, who was going to live this life once the house was completed, change their world in a direction they are already headed, not just starting out to think about making a change, in other words, ready to live this lifestyle.

Another choice for a front door, though a bit narrow.

I wanted to find that person who has the support to do more with what we hand over, though not necessarily a full plan, but a good idea of what it will be if this or another of the contests pay off with a prize.  Ideally that included living in it full time when done so as to show how the full transition could be made to an organic sustainable lifestyle and then we will track the process as it progresses if close enough.  Many factors in my decision making process and some of the rating was done on the basis of the need versus desire for a studio or get away rather than a home to live in full time.  So many variables though it seems in such a simple contest but these are some of the parameters  I used in the final analysis based on what we had come in to the contest.

My favorite of the classics roof lines with a porch for example. What would you do???

More contests to come.  Hoping we have many more enter, as well as those who have entered into the first one.  Thank you for following and your participation.  We will be posting a picture of the materials that were included, as much as we can, this week and many of the items for next time as the sketches will have to match the items included.

Examples of sketched out dreams that we might create during the month of preparation for an essay.

So Who Won???????

By now you are ready I guess.  Here is the winning essay entry and the Runner UP as well as the honorable mentions who will get a small gift as a prize though none was promised.

First Place Winner

“I Have A Dream Too” – by Marguerite T Home (or Thome)

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Thanks again for all the support and please share the next contest with friends so more can participate in the fun.