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There are times when Wii must pause, share, & give Hope or Love without condition.

is your view from down below where you wonder of what you don’t know?

Do you get to view from high upon a hill where few can sigh?

Such times as that, when Love is needed for friends and family, help is needed all around, and if Wii do not reach out, there will be naught to be found.  We as a nation are limited, as a World United for a common cause, unstoppable if it is for the right reason, obliterated from the face of the Earth if we use wars to settle the global problems facing us this coming winter and spring.

We have a chance sometimes to speak out when others are suffering to let them know that we too have been in the darker places that we can go inside the body. Pain is relative to the view.

For many, the future looks hopeless and their only coping mechanism is anger for they see no path to solutions they can manifest alone, participate in without being misdirected or taken advantage of for the personal gains of the pretend leaders.  Demagogues are rising in number and volume, the divisiveness fed with intention by those who control the media and thus, it is up to the people of the world who are not under the spell of the web weavers are responsible for guiding the global ship to safe harbor so the passengers can get off.  Whew.  That said, where are they getting off too?

How close to the shore of reality do you live? Can you dip your toes into the pond that seems so near, so clear, the liquid crystal resonating that only few can hear?

For some, this is a time for suicide, for bailing out before our ship gets to shore.  The horizon looks like water, no land can we yet see.  But truly for the ones who wait, the shoreline will be seen.  Grab your oars and paddle, speed up as much as we can, but the boat is so much bigger and the masses fret instead.

Will the boat of your identity that you build to float each day hold up to winds and waves to come, will it be knocked over or just sway?

Or will you sleep up on the Mountain where you could be safe, unless the lightning strikes there, this is how life plays… Wii say.

How do we get us to the shore where some belief awaits?  What can be there be so bountiful?  What draws us forward without pause?  It is the hope and dreams we hold that give us dreams and Cause.  Join me in the musings, in the work that Wii can do if we choose to join together instead of killing you.  The choices seem so crazy when its “This” or you must die.  I know that Wii can find a way for all of us to Thrive.

Join me in sharing the ways that Wii can Thrive from salvaging all the great things, lessons, and memories we have to create a better future than the path we’re on today.

So join me as Wii salvage all the treasures from our past that we can not price or pile up, it has no mass or fights.  It is the Love that Wii can share, the drive to create Peace.  The unified resistance to the Hate which some would breed.  It is the choice to do the Right Thing even though we lose the profits of the rich few corporations that now rule.  Tis time to swing the pendulum back toward the center groove where all can share the benefit of Peace around the world.

As I hear more people choose to bail out on this life as the struggles intensify, as the Schuman Resonance kicks up to heights never seen by modern man and affects them in ways few can understand, Suicide is not the path to peace but a way out of fulfilling your true mission, your purpose, and Wii need you to hang on, come around with the Hope, the Passion, the Love it will take to create the True Peace we can manifest if Wii Unite as a World that cares, not wars. Please share the hope that Wii can succeed, not give up. Help others get past this hard bump in the cultural, global transformation all will experience.
This is a story written nearly 4 decades ago, finally coming to light in the many forms that modern media allows, and it can reach around the world in a few heartbeats if you help share, open the doors to the sadness and know that the failure to succeed at dying is sometimes the reason for us to live… to show that the unimaginable life we have yet to live could change the path of our world. One person working with millions of others can change the world, but never alone. Wii Can do it together but it Wii need you to stick around and help.