There’s an Angel at my Balcony

There’s an Angel at my Balcony that visits in the morn.
Her Purple hue is comforting and fills my Heart and Soul.
She blesses me with God’s Love in a place that I have found
is as close to Heaven here on Earth
as anywhere around.
I anticipate her visits like the Sun up in the sky,
for she fills me with the Love that gives me Hope until I die.
Tis the Hope that we will solve the problems facing us today,
and build a new tomorrow that will turn the other way.
Renew, rebuild, let Salvage rein.
Allow this to ignite.
Grow up to be the biggest Rage
To appear out of the night.
Out of the dreams I had in sleep,
the dreams I have by day.
The visions that tell of the time
When Earth can still be saved.
It is not lost,
there is still hope,
the people will unite,
and with their strength and passion
they will win this desperate fight.
It can not be that Human Beings
can possibly destroy
a planet once created
we have treated like a toy.
So surely as we watch today
The Angels come to call,
and all the world is watching
as we turn the tide for all.
The message that the Angels bring
is Truly to believe,
and if we do there is no thing
that we can not achieve.


I think our Angel is peeking into the bathroom shower window

How did she get so close and still be seen on cameras too? I do not have the answers just the proof to show to you. NO photoshop, no touch up. This is the real picture that showed up when I plugged it into the computer and downloaded it for you to see.