The Objective Is To Get To The Point That We Can Teach This Skill Of Creating Housing From Imagination, Salvage, And Human Energy Is A Path For Many To Follow And Create A Good Life And Income Out Of The Catastrophe That Has Engulfed Texas's East Coast.  I Am Trying To Create A Path To Lead Those Who Want To Take It.

This email brought Tears to my Eyes… I see the Light at the end of the Tunnel!


I got this incredible Email today that brought tears to my eyes as I wrote back realizing that my dreams were finally coming true.  An Opportunity to help others manifest a critical part of my dream that I think is essential for the visions I have for the Pure Salvage Living Renaissance to be woven back into our society, globally where others have followed the devastating path of unbridled consumerism too for that matter.  It was a bad path to lead the people down, especially as kids, and thus we must correct that by teaching the kids once more to respect the gifts we have in hand, as the “Songs of Salvage” I have on Youtube will explain.  I have the cartoons to go with this, the path that I think will help kids learn how to communicate with other beings, accept our differences in the forms we have taken as Spirit in body, and work together to take care of the Mother Earth that supports our life in the most perfect ways, if we work together.  I wrote the first drafts of the book I will now focus on finishing for the time has come for me to finish what I came to Texas to do 33 years ago.  This was the fantasy that would unfold in the book, which turned out to be a reality I will yet get to see come True.  Thank you, thank you, Thank you.



Here it is:


Hey you amazing folks! I remember falling in love with your work years ago. It’s so passionate, creative, sustainable and groovy. I’ve been running a literary summer camp for the last twelve years and I’m finally getting a chance to develop my own camp land into an environmentally sustainable and highly charged creative environment . We recreate the worlds of Rick Riordan’s children’s books. They are contemporary retellings of Ancient Greek, Roman, Egyptian and Norse myths. I’d love it if you folks could connect me with people that might have the time to develop our cabin, dining hall, arthouse, and bathhouse facilities. I’d really love to infuse each of the goddess and god cabins with your amazing aesthetic, so that they’d somehow be reflective of the deity whose children they housed during their stay with us. We recreate these book worlds as a way to promote children’s literacy, by immersing them in the story. We have a substantial budget, thanks to our donors. It’d be a sizable project with about a 1.5 year build out plan on about 100 acres within a 750 acre Nature Conservancy area above Hamilton pool area in Austin. I really want to keep this in the architectural salvage arena. You folks have anyone to refer?


Topher Bradfield

You can check out the camps as they exist now here:

My Response is from the heart and it has inspired me for the day to start with such a great letter and chance to help create something this fine.  





Sometimes the visions we have of what is ahead give us the time to prepare for the battles ahead. The trials that we go through to get ready are the ones that insure we will win.
NO FEAR of anything my friends, for Truly you are here to learn to be the best you can to help others all stay Free and THRIVE.

Is this the same Topher from a weekend in Blanco some 4 years and change ago?  Wear Glasses perhaps?  If so, what a small world it is.
Sounds like a wonderful adventure you are on and I have many offerings that will work for you, perhaps more than you imagined if you are interested in putting rockets behind your visions manifestation potential.
I have about 100,000 sf of materials accumulated now with the intention of manifesting such things as you describe, full knowing that I am the facilitator and have reached the point in my life where I may be able to help you.
Buildings that house the materials are also coming down for such transitions into the new millennium as you are helping to create and the only things I need to help you develop not only the acreage, but the path to instilling the knowledge, skills, and innovational thinking that the Pure Salvage Living Renaissance is designed to trigger.  Your path with the children is my desired goal and Rubbles, the avatar that brought WUB to Earth is a cartoon form that attempts to clarify the ways we can communicate once incarnate, how to use the unlimited energy available to Spirit in body to manifest the miracle it will take to create a World of United Beings the can maintain a Millennium of Peace and Prosperity once this dark period is over.
I am one who believes in Synchronicity and thank you for contacting me at this time.  I have much going on and perhaps can provide you with a number of things, help, and guidance as we join forces to shed light on what is possible with 95% Pure Salvage in building communities with the sustainable toxin free ethos in mind that can make all this possible.  My hope lies in the 25-35 year old who can bring this change about by helping seam together the newest children born with the wisdom of our past elders who have the life skills it will take to grow food, survive, and thrive.  Salvage, Texas is intended to be the place to come trade, learn, barter, and share the many paths that will lead us to a sustainable world, a simpler lifestyle that leaves out the consumerism and waste this dying society has mastered.  I am at your service and hope to be of assistance.  Please check out the newest posts on and the blogs on  If you become a member, all who are there can use the password and more become part of the community, establish your forum there, become a Pure Salvage Outpost and teach how to build there, from chicken houses, dog houses, and kid houses, they will know how to create homes from salvage before they are old enough to get out of the normal school system.
Organic housing, created from materials like glass and hardware that were made when 12 year olds dragged the coal out of the mines, sharpen the saw blades to cut the wood, and cleaned all the nastiest places in the factories.  Men worked 352 days a year without vacations, sick pay, or sympathy from their employer and did not even have to be paid with a dollar in the Texas Lumber industry until 1934 when they passed laws forcing them to use cash.
We can do better than we are any your present path deserves all the support I can give it to instill the respect that embodied energy of the past ancestors work deserves.  It is the most sustainable form of building there is and I defy anyone to prove otherwise.  Your timing is perfect and I hope you are able to move fast for I have a strong belief that the time to do these great things you are doing is NOW!
Please let me know when you can come down, pick out resources, and talk about the people I might direct to help you, then the guidance you might need to teach them how to do it all.  We have the recording studios to create and post to the PSL community around the globe so that you then have videos of the people we teach here to go there and help, perhaps live, and manifest your way of getting my message about saving the best of our past in order to build the best future we can for them.  Adam, my son, would be 31 now, half my age, and having kids of the age you will be seeding with this ethos.  I can not do more than make that possible and provide you with as much as I can to help that happen so let us see how this can work best for you.
Likewise, thank you for the inspiration to put to words these thoughts about how I would like the immense inventory to be reformed as it transitions through my hands as the steward for the last few decades who has taken it all down and piled it up for this time.  I am so happy to see it come and young men like you taking up the baton and carrying it forward into the new millennium.  It brings tears to my eyes after 37 years on this road to creating Salvage, Texas.  I may publish this only to inspire more people to do what your are doing, to create the foundations of the next generation that will help us change the course of our society at the crucial time in the lives of the Beings you will be influencing during your lifetime.  Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.
Shaman of Salvage at your service

The objective is to get to the point that we can teach this skill of creating housing from imagination, salvage, and human energy is a path for many to follow and create a good life and income out of the catastrophe that has engulfed Texas’s east coast. I am trying to create a path to lead those who want to take it.