Thoughts on a Pure Salvage Living Renaissance

Here is a view down the hall of the Monty Grand Victorian, a giant 12′ x 28′ masterpiece of mixed parts. My favorite so far.

I have invested all I have and work 110 hours a week, living on the Tiny Texas Houses creation site for the last five years fully committed to this true passion I have about what I am trying to achieve.  My next step is developing the schooling and the villages to prove this ideology works for the bigger solutions that are needed in our society at large.

I am starting SalvageFaire up soon, with a lot of help I hope, which is planned as a market place located in the center of the 40 acres I have here in Luling on the side of IH10. Around the SalvageFaire markets I envision 1 acre villages occupied and financially fueled by a common minded gathering of hundreds or thousands on weekends, gathering that offers all things organic, American made or Americanized but not fresh new imports.  The idea is to offer up the outlets for all the other things we find in houses as well as the materials from them, but also to create new market centers at 150 mile intervals or less, that offer bartering and traditional forms of survival for the masses in times when the value of what we have should be so much more than what we can import, create from newly harvested resources, and toxin producing new products. It is also our time, our talents, our wisdom, our energy, our contribution to our village, town, or communities we choose to align ourselves with, artist, musicians, quilters, or fisherman.

This is a freedom that many of us wanted long ago when we dreamt of a Walden Pond and it means more as we look into the future, the economics we face, as well as the ecological consequences from what our generation has already done. It is time to focus more on the people, not the things, and the things we have taken so much from the Earth to create should be preserved and reused so as to not need to take more for a good long time and give the planet a rest.

I am hoping that by creating the videos on how we salvage and construct, how we can preserve the old methods of doing things with quality first, ingenuity with what is on hand, and the ability to make what we don’t have without having to send off for it. Creating it really is more fun in the end anyway.  If I can get the editorial help and guidance through getting several books finished that I have all of the material ready for, then I can hope to see this grow organically as it needs to for success.  I have been lucky to have taken pictures all along with a 10,000+ photo portfolio, and so much more going on, ….. but not enough people, energy, money as I am self funded, (thus under capitalized). There is also the elusive element of time…. that ever faster speeding marker used to somehow determine when we have to sleep or eat before rushing back to fill in another part of a very big picture I am trying to paint.

I describe my houses as the fresh starters in a field I am trying to sow with my seedlings, deep into the grey matter of humans around the world, who now wonder at what can be done with trash and will hopefully emulate, create Pure Salvage Outposts around the country, and follow this very long lead that I have created in the form of House Art that is seen around the world.  Everyone can do this, or be part of doing it because all it takes is human energy, creativity, ingenuity, working together to recreate community, a form of societal salvation through a Pure Salvage Living lifestyle.  We as the masses can transform what appears like trash by getting it virtually for free and thus giving millions of people everything they really need to not only survive, but live well, debt free, simple, nearly off or entirely off the grid.  It is possible and it can be done without much money, yes, rarely have to handle a US $ Dollar to make it happen once we get the ball rolling good because, by sharing trailers, tools, trucks, warehouses, and the parts each of us has toward a common goal, communities can take what they have, turn it into new/old housing, life skills and work locally for the kids to keep them near, a way for the elderly to downsize and take the best parts of their houses with them by creating new Tiny Houses they can take with them for the rest of their lives instead of living in sheetrock cubicles.  We have alternatives and I see them all evolving out of what we can do with what we have before we have thrown it all away.

I seriously hope my vision in which these PSO’s (Pure Salvage Outposts) can spring up around the country, locally a thousand times over in a year or less, through no  more than the joining together of people who have all of the parts, the knowledge, strength, wisdom, and many the need.  We Americans at a local level can achieve what ever we believe in if we have the passion, the hope for success, and the means to make it happen.  I say we have it all here and ready to unfold.  Now is the time to bring forth that American Spirit if it still has life, join it to the Spirit of our entire planets species that we all must share with, and follow through with our own actions to save the planet from total devastation, on an individual level. This is as simple as not throwing away the vast UN-replaceable treasures we still have in our possession.  When 51% of our landfills are building materials and we are running out of landfill space, why not take these assets we throw away and offer them up to the public as a means of building homes like the ones I have shown we can build, and for less than a Katrina trailer paid for by our government.  This is toxin free, sub-zero carbon footprint housing that will last for a century or two, energy efficient, and with the hardware our forefathers made with the intent that it last for centuries.  We are only 150 years into their 350 year projected product lifespan.  Why throw that away and replace it with a cheap plastic import that will be broken by design in 5-7 years?  These homes should never be taxed by any government again as they save more than the space for other less valuable trash. The savings for housing provides space for living, for raising families, for recreating a society of communities that worked together to establish a common future of self sufficiency. We can do this by not being a landfill oriented nation for the rest of time. By giving a tax break for all houses built from what would have been landfill, we facilitate the doubling of the life of landfills without any government input or take out. Sounds fair to me, like all winners in the game, except perhaps the global corporations who might not be able to take full advantage of such breaks.

I have this belief that we can be making our key assets last longer and find them to be of much more long term value, not just for recycling or anything new that can be made which also requires more new energy, this can happen simply by taking houses down houses, buildings, and barns, pulling the nails and putting houses back together again. This process takes nearly nothing from the planet, adds nearly no new toxins or pollution, and sadly does not particularly benefit global corporations or extremely big bureaucracies either. These resources are far better than anything else we can import or think to afford making today.  95% than better Pure Salvage Built houses should never be taxed any more than the trash would be once deposited in the massive landfills that dot our country.  There-in it would rot and our ancestral vast resources we stole from the Indians who preceded us will be left behind, our salvaged metals shipped to China to build armies and the next empire, rather than used over and over, again-and again… here. People forget the price we paid to mine the ore, smelt it in our factories, shape it into tubs and sinks, hardware, and much more. It is crazy to sell it to China for $60 to $100 per thousand pounds. Cheap way to build cities, and tanks. I think it is up to the government first to say it should not be allowed to throw away our valuable resources in favor of becoming import reliant for diminishing resources around the world. We should not be selling off all of our metals, what is left after sending so much of what we had off to the other wars we have already fought in the past.

No one should be allowed to throw away materials after disasters and instead we should focus energies of government to help salvage them and teach how to reuse them for new homes to be built.  In fact the opposite is the case when FEMA arrives to help. We can do more.  I expect to do it without the government help, or hopefully their restraints or intervention by seeing it happen at local levels first and as fast as possible. Before the feds even know that it works, communities could be reaping the benefits and families could be learning how to build housing for free.

We will see what comes.

Thank you for your help, as readers who have joined in the dialogue, your inspiration that comes from what I have created is the fuel that drives me onward. If I can ignite the passion in you to do even half as good as I have proven it can be done, you will have so much to be proud of, and nothing to be ashamed of for the rest of your life, for you will have created your own home with the help of some friends. Better still, you will get to help many others create theirs homes in return and they will be your friends for the rest of your life. What more can you ask or give, than to help create a home, a nest someone can take with them for the rest of their lives.
Thank you for taking the time to view what I have created, to listen to me on my soapboxes along the way. Please watch for our book one day, a book that I hope others will one day treasure like I will treasure the wealth of information and pictures of the past that are in the books I have seen from our past. Hopefully we will once again share this history in such a way as to teach the children of today who have no idea such great forests ever existed. How can anyone who does not know understand what is about to be lost.  Out of sight, Out of Mind is not always a good thing for a society, or planet.

Please join me in promoting a Pure Salvage Living Renaissance, to help me bring back to life the ways we have lived well in the past without so very much of what we do not need in the present.

~ brad