Garwood House

Time Sensitive – House from 1920’s in Garwood Texas Needs Salvage Miners!

House Specs are: 1250 sq ft house, built in 1922.  Cypress exterior, 1×12 walls, 1×6 ceiling, 1×4 floors, they think it’s tongue and groove.  Composite roof.

Address of house to be salvaged: 709 Main Street, Garwood, TX.

Additional Info: Owner was going to have the fire company burn it down if no one wants it!  Some of that Cypress comes from old growth trees, which could be between 200-500 years old.  About $10,000-$15,000 value in wood (retail).

Owner is willing to give us (The Pure Salvage Living Community) a week or two to find somebody to refer it to.

Contact Info:

AJ Arnold
PH:  713 724 0036

Photos of house to be salvaged:

Garwood house


photo photo02 photo04