One Of The Possible Futures In Our Ever Changing World, Is That The Markets And The Houses Will Encourage Even More.  To This End I Would Like To See Some Others Come And Share, By Building On The Vision With A Piece That Can Be Yours.

Tiny Texas House Halloween Trick or Treat Trail, only in Salvage, Tx.

Yes, we are hosting a month of events to kick off the Salvagefaire Marketplace and Salvage, Tx. up to the next level of manifestation.

I have cleared the woods to create camping spaces that could be created out of the troves of architectural antiques and materials.

The horror filled Spooky Salvage Campgrounds will be able to hold 50 campsites, and the House of Horrors will be close by to fulfill you wildest fears and expectations.

I could fit a house over there in the shade that would look like it fit in my hand. We could crane one over the creek into the shade or build it and reassemble it there. Or better yet, some salvage artist will come and build with the materials I will provide for free and then get to stay in it for a month or two in days over the next year.

The Gypsy Too will be looking on for the whole of the event.

We will have the houses all decorated for the Trick or Treat tours and we are looking for sponsors for the houses who will be giving out sweets and getting some sweet and unique exposure to the families who live in our area, all the small towns, and many of the people who are displaced from Houston who will still be in the area for months to come.  

Imagine a Teeny Tiny House first, then work your way up to the size that you really want to live in.

There will be a Trick or Treats tour for kids and even adults that will go by all the houses and other spooky places.  We are looking for sponsors for each of the houses to give out goodies and get some good business out of it later.  We are not sure how many may come, but given the devastation in the cities and towns around us, none will be able to have such an event to go to and I expect we will get a traffic that is far greater than we are projecting if the word gets out through our community.   We do not believe in advertising much as the cost of things go up when we do that.  So, check back with us on the specials, the vendor spaces for those who want to market art, jewelry, costumery, face painting, and much more for the month of October.

We are also taking applications from promoters for events they might want to schedule, either as a single occasion or an annual festival.  We will have all the amenities you need to throw an incredible music or film festival, a Steampunk party, and much more at the lowest cost you could get in Texas.  Our goal during the first year includes offering up the materials for the committed vendors to build with, for FREE, and to help them get established here at Salvagefaire as a permanent element of the Pure Salvage Living Renaissance here at Salvage, Tx.  We hope to teach millions who visit that there is a sustainable organic path for housing and living that will lead to healthier lives, happier people, and a sustainable planet.  We can do this and I intend to prove it with Salvage, Tx. being the model that others can morph into what they need.

Please check out the new website for more information and share, join us in celebration of what we can do by our own actions and lifestyles that will make the planet a better place to live.

If you would like to get licensed to build for our followers who want more houses than we plan to build here, please get in touch about training and getting lined up to have us supply you with materials, orders, and seminars that will bring you on line as a Salvage Builder, Miner, or Broker if you become a member of the community.  So much to learn, so much to do, and so much positive that can come from your getting involved too.

Please join us for a look into the future of housing sustainably in a new world after the storm.  Lets not through our past away and import our future but create it from the best of our past instead.

Once upon a time when I was a decade younger, I started this small company to build houses out of Salvage materials. They turned into seeds for the planting in the minds of humans that would open the soil to growing a new sustainable way of growing houses in our imagination and then manifesting them in reality.

After a decade the trend started to move in my direction, with people finally considering all the ways to reuse salvage and even to build with.  I have felt like the outsider in the Tiny House game as they all went to trailers and new materials that are toxic but they other builders would not consider or listen to the logic of building healthy houses because the profit was not as great.  I pray they will see the light and quit putting people at risk of cancer and illness from breathing in the formaldehyde, plasticizers, and endocrine disrupting compounds that mimic estrogen.  Why can they not take this seriously and be responsible for the due diligence they ought to be doing prior to creating such death traps.  Yes I feel strongly about this and others should too, especially the parents of children who will suffer most from these issues.

So please give consideration to coming to a Trick or Treat Trail to show the kids what we can do with salvage, including create really scary places to visit.  Please share with your friends as we believe in the word of mouth, the buzz of someone telling others rather than a mass media supporting ad.

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