The Time Has Come As The Horizon Meets The Sun On This Last Phase Of My Business Life.  Will There Be A Steward To Come Take This To The Next Level?

“Tiny Texas Houses llc” is going up “For Sale” to find the stewards to take it to the next level.

The time has come as the horizon meets the sun on this last phase of my business life. Will there be a Steward to come take this to the next level?

I am ready to move on to the other goals I have yet to reach in life.  Writing some books on this subject I have spent decades on, Salvage Mining, Salvage Building, Plans, and most importantly, the “Book of Wibblry and Wub” which may someday see public eyes.  So much to do and at 62, who knows how much time is left to play, run, and laugh before my time is done.

The time has come to reduce the load, much as I have been espousing to others for the last decade.  Downsizing for me means unloading hundreds of thousands of things.  I am not planning on building as many houses as I have materials to build, in fact, I could not if I tried, so it is time to hand off this manifestation to others, or dismantle it and tell the story of what could have been for the years to come.  I do hope others will be interested and able to buy in, take over, and take this to the next level of production, sales, and distribution that will take business minds and resources I am not able to rally.  Either that or it simply disappears into the analogues of history as anomalies, simply House Art that demonstrated what could be, not what comes.

If you know some people who might be able to come and pick up the baton, take this business to the next level, or simply buy out large parts of the inventory to build houses somewhere else, please let me know so we can help the next generation do what the other builders in our country still refuse to do, build healthy sustainable housing out of Pure Salvage.

I will also be selling off much of the land that is part of Salvage, Texas, as I had envisioned it.  Acres of the land near the IH10 and Hwy. 80 intersection where Flying J is getting ready to build a mega stop with hotels and all.  Someone bigger than me will need to develop the other corner that I have land around and I hope we will find a compatible buyer to develop it in a favourable way.  

Display cabinets, kitchen cabinets, and so much more will work its way to the tents, but if you have a need before they go, contact us to see if we can fill it sooner than later.

Please share and hopefully help awaken the humans who can take this on, grow it, and turn the quantum story into one they will help shape long after I am gone.

Brad Kittel



Tiny Texas Houses.  llc