This Does Not Meet Modern Code, Nor Is It Intended To, But When It Is Done, It Will Last A Few Decades, Look Very Unique, And Function For The Happiness Of Someone Who Will Find Shelter And Happiness Within.

Tiny Texas Salvage Building Seminar Stars

Here are the Women that dared to stretch and learn how to build a Tiny House out of Trash in the evenings.  We only got to spend about 13 hours working and the rest was seminar type learning to cover the important things in Life and Salvage Building.

The women did a heck of a job in this 100 degree heat and they should be proud.

The Fabulous Four women who helped form this house from giant parts.

First time we have tried to do this little experiment of taking the giant wall parts without dismantling them on site and using the pieces to form a house without taking any more apart than possible.  The wall sections were from the house in Concrete that we took down that dated back to the 1880’s and was full of good wood, but also tongue and groove interior walls.  Here you see them pieced together to form the house walls and loft.  The windows came from a different source.

A pile of giant pieces full of nails and looking nothing like a house to be.

First we ran an initial nail pulling ceremony so that we could handle them with some degree of safety and awareness.  Here Brenda is monitoring the other women to be sure they are staying busy.  Brenda is a teacher so it took a few minutes to get her into student status and then she was a trooper who took the heat and kept on ticking.

Luckily we also had some great sit down seminar time, enjoying the days review and planning the solutions for the world in one setting.

Looking down from Vesper Casa Balcony at the manifestation of the week.

It turned out to be about 84″ x 114″ when it the pieces found their places and were nailed into place.


Installing the tongue and groove on the walls that we did form from scratch. We were not looking for perfection on this job. Perfunctionism at its best.

This does not meet modern code, nor is it intended to, but when it is done, it will last a few decades, look very unique, and function for the happiness of someone who will find shelter and happiness within.


Another view with the balcony and the girls.


Diana, Brenda, Chelli, and Kathy made it through the whole week of hot evenings. This is the product of about 10 hours of actual work given the huge amount of talking for the seminar part of it all.

I want to thank them for their help and for what I learned in trying to share the concepts and methods of using a creative mind and bodies to create houses from salvage and other people’s trash.  This seminar offering in the evenings did not get enough turnout to do it again, but it was a good lesson for me once more in the process of learning how few people will actually take action to learn how to change their lives and find new empowerment.

I hope you enjoy the formation of this odd little house which I will continue to assemble now that they are gone and hope to show you a cool house soon unlike any we have ever done yet.