Too Poor to Buy a House?

Hello i wish i could afford buy a house from you, I do enjoy looking at all pictures on your facebook . Candy   (from a Facebook Fan)

Actually, would you believe her full name is the Arched Zebu “House of the Rising Sun” …..?.yep!

Thank you for your support and for inspiring me to remember the many trials it took to get to this place since leaving and going on the road to live in a school bus and finish writing my great American Novel in the 1980’s.

More than 4 decades have passed since I started this book yet only now am I finally getting to fulfill my greatest passion in life. ONly now have I lived enough to understand the meaning of what I wrote when I was but an adolescent child. Some of the greatest things take decades to materialize, but they are worth the action it takes to make them appear out of what appears to be trash.
One day you will be able to own a 99% Pure Organic Tiny House, but most likely built by someone who was inspired by what I have created as a means to plant this seed in your mind. It may very well be that your turning them on to this concept will enable you to have that house.
Help guide others to see that the materials all of you need to build your houses is there. Show them some great options. Find the friends with a truck, a trailer, a big garage or barn, and some electric to run some power tools, nail guns, and with hand tools your group is going to be cooking up houses out of trash that people will give you.
First you needed to see it was possible. Next you need to believe you can be part of making it happen near you. Then you simply visualize the next steps, one by one if you want to, and you will have it come to as you are willing to work for it, to manifest it through little daily acts that add up to big changes.
I started this adventure in life relatively poor, not rich. I ate out of the dumpsters of Las Vegas many years before I could stay at the best hotels on the strip, like the Bellagio, or Treasure Island, and gamble with bets that were more than my net income while employed there for a few months at the Desert Inn Country club and living in my broken down school bus in the various RV Guest parking lots at the casinos until they kicked me out. Still being bright school bus orange did not make inconspicuous camouflage under those circumstances. (No they wouldn’t let me hang out in the school bus parking lots where I fit in better either.)

Nothing is beyond your ability to produce a home without being able to afford a home if you are willing to give of your energy for the good of the group that forms so that all who come into it get homes. Those who participate and give which ever part of the whole that is needed to fulfill the common vision will all benefit far more than they give individually.
They will all find solutions to problems in their lives that can only be found through unity. It takes a village to raise our children but in trying to do so as we have, expecting the government to be the same as a village is absurd and well proven not to work. The intent of the saying was to clarify that no two people can be all things to their children. In trying to do so and believing they can, they are indeed doing the opposite and cementing their ego or expectations onto their children based on their own sense of self righteousness or possibly ignorance.
By bringing the village into play, the wise old women and men who have lived, raised children and possibly learned more than you might know, or from the seamstress, organic grower, the villagers who raise the chickens and the goats. This is the foundation of community in its Pure Salvage Living Form. It is one of bartering ones talents and network, ones ability and talents. It means being part of what inspires others to act in a positive way, in a direction that as a whole, a community, we can accomplish local miracles.
This is what I believe can be done.
Thus fare I have no solid proof other than the life I have lived, which I try to share openly as an example of what hardships can be overcome, what easy paths lie before us where we only see the obstacles instead of Our Goal on the other side of the hurdles. A World Union of Believers in the Survival of the Species and the Planet can not leave anyone out. We all must know We are indeed One or We will not exist at all.
Fear not, the feared fates are all avoidable, for it is only Our decisions, your daily thoughts and actions that keep most of the barriers to Our Freedom and Happiness in place. You give them credence by your desires, not your needs, by your acceptance of the norm instead of breaking out of the box that you have fit into but not found happiness within.
If you are indeed opening your eyes now that you have my Seedlings in your mind. You only need to visualize your goal, for you now have the hope, the passion if you call upon it, thus the strength to do anything you set your mind to, as have I.
I have done it by the shear will, imagination, dedication to a vision without doubt, and having absolute faith in a higher energy than any someone else can give me. First believe in your power to LOVE. If you can do that, to truly Give 100% without expecting something in return, then you will be on the first step to finding what you are looking for.
Next, Act on your dreams by sharing them with others who find it to also be their dream and their sharing will lead to others who have their parts and pieces to contribute… strong backs, knowledge, tools, trucks, trailers, ladders, and so very soon, results from action taken one little bit at a time. Each little step that is focused eventually leads into a weekend, compressing human energy to focus on a project that will truly just be given to you for this episode to unfold. Join together, Unite for a bit, to direct it, to take the gift down, to save a great old forgotten house, barn, or building.
Then, in the next few weekends, or weeks, build houses from the first one that will prove to everyone around how incredible the wealth at your fingertips is, virtually for free, if you unite, and you simply believe. All you need for information, pictures, and advice is on this site or will be on the other by the time you are ready for it.
You do not have to do it your self. Tell the elders, tell your friends. If you’re spiritual, share the energy it sends. Let the image lift your passion. Belief is all it takes, for the Faith will give you strength to go where others fear to tread.

I created Tiny Pure Organic Houses to prove that homes and financial freedom through barter are possible for most of the low income people in America. Much of the rest of the world lives this way. If people here understand they are only low on income based on the Currency of the Realm, Fiat as it is, but that they can create their own systems of salvaging the vast treasures laying all about. They will have all the wealth they need as soon as they change their point of view and act on it,,,,,
Thus I thank you for the inspiration, and I hope this helps you as you manifest your dream.

to which you inspired me toward part of mine, this half day long letter, this form fitting poem, it is well over 6 hours of drafting, rereading, rewriting, and more. While the half day has been taken from the late part of the night, this what a full moon gets you if you hold it in your sight…

The Monty Momma is ready to chaperone the girls to the prom. .


Act on your dream……
Act on becoming
what it takes
to make it happen.

See the houses,
see the barns,
see the buildings,
broke and torn.

Know they’re waiting
just for you,
to be your house,
Your Safe Place too.

Please take my seedlings,
Tiny Homes,
made from trash
that most disown.

They give it freely,
Thank me too,
for making this
sweet gift for you.

It does take action,
Years of life,
It took from me
both son and wife.

But all these battles
that we faced
were what it took
to reach this place.

From here I see
so many things.
I see the Sun
I hear birds sing.

I realize
life bring us more
by giving
comes our best rewards.

You can not make.
its not a car
a drug you take

Its not the riches
life affords
for happiness
is found by poor.

Its not the friends
you think you have
who are not there
to share their salve.

The values shared.
must be for One,
the common good,
Thy Will be done.

I pray for you
to find as I
the answers are
in your mind’s Eye.

Now that you see
with lifted lid
my images have worked,
my Tiny Houses tickle
and your passion has been perked.

Plus you know now I can’t help you,
not to build your house or stall,
but I’ll chart the path to follow,
make the access free to all.

But mere knowledge is not wisdom,
without action all is lost.
given hope and strength of passion
we will win at any cost.

What is life without purpose,
just a job that pays the bills?
Is that all we want from life once lived,
or do we want more still.

Perhaps we want the other Things,
not bought or sold at all,
the joy that comes from deep within,
When you Wake-Up to the Call.

Taking action leads to changes,
which opens all the doors,
making what you want to happen
from the Love You have In-Store.

Darby 11/2013

The Door to the Home of your Dreams