Tour Policy Changes at Tiny Texas Houses.

  • All the best days have a sunset, regardless of how great they are.
    So to does the Tour Days at Tiny Texas Houses.

    New visiting and touring guidelines/ rules.
    We have too many people that just happen to be driving by and have no idea what we do when they come by to just look at it all.  Sadly this had become more of a distraction than I have time for as there is no reason given few if any will buy and i have run our of the will to continue after some 19,000 tours so far.
    I want to stop the daytime just stop by tours.  If they do not want to spend money there will not be time to deal with them as we move the houses out to the back, switch to retail store gear, and they mess up the work in the back.  Rene should not be a tour guide for he is supposed to be running the guys in so far as lining up the right materials, co-ordinating 13 guys running around making the magic happen.
    Too many cords, hoses, tools, wood pieces, hazards of every kind and not a single really good reason to take chances, slow the work down, endanger visitors or workers, and thus,,,,,,,,,, it is over.
    So new policy is,
    Stop-ins limited to this month on the front houses……That means the early and first prototypes and the Forget Me Not Chapel until they are moved to their new spots on the acreage.  Once out of sight on the hilltop, we should limit the stop ins that know nothing and have no interest at all in ever buying.
     All houses under construction are off limits.  This is a permanent change such that only those serious buyers will see the house in back with an appointment with me unless on tour, the last few, with Dale or me.
    Saturday only tours through last of the month then Dale goes to making ready for retail too, so we will be out of bounds to the public for April except by special appointment, including for buying a house if any slots are still left by then.

    TTH with the Homesteader in front.

    Total for entire year must be under 50 and I am sick of committing the time then having no one show, or only two for $20 to kill a Sunday with friends.  Sacrifice over on that part at least.  19,000 tours less than 1,000 paid tours in 7 years so that is enough.  Every one preferred to stop by and not pay which was not feasible nor our purpose any more.
    Thank you for honoring our change in policy and understanding that I have enjoyed spending many hours talking with many people over the years but I have other things to do and if I talk in the future, it will be in front of many people at a time or on tape, videos, or with my books,  I must go back to living and this one man show is shutting down huge parts of the old program.
    Thanks again for your loyalty and attention thus far.
    Inspired already before Sharon wrote this email and question, so hers is only timely, not a trigger by any means.

    One can only hold some things out there for so long.

    • Are u open on Tues.? I’m visiting from Al. And wanted to come by and see ur houses.

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    Tiny Texas Houses

    • If you are just stopping by to look then the early prototypes in front are available to walk through but traffic in the back is not allowed any more due to the distraction from work and the danger to everyone and the workers having to work around people with it so tight right now. Just tours for looking sake on Saturday now. Our marketing phase is limited to the last few houses and the tours have cost us too much with too many risks due to our lack of stairs, or oil on the porches, floors, etc. We have reassessed our risks given we have limited insurance.



Yes, it is true, after showing the proto-types out in front for 7 years and 19,000 tours of the houses at TTH being built, given primarily by me but also by several others over the years, Dale first and foremost, has been here with me on the ride for longer than TTH, and back into the days when I created Discovery Architectural Antiques.  Rose was here briefly and was a great help, but one to being a new Grandma in California.  Other than a Ed, Gail, and Richard who were here in the first year of trying to create a staff, few others ever gave memorable tours, but the are others long gone.  MOST memorable indeed….. Bryl, my Scottich Fairy Princess and ill fated Lovestory that lit here for half a decade during my passionate obsession with creating Tiny Texas Houses and much more before leaving for green forests and a house with windows, in the mountains and the mists last year.

Thus are we stopping and offering our thanks to the many who have come before.  Of course the people who have orders for a house in will always have free access to see the houses before them come to life for ideas and to see the quality that theirs will have, options along the way that few hear about otherwise, and the chance to learn how to do nearly anything you see us do, with some caveats of course.

Thank you for following us at Tiny Texas Houses and Pure Salvage Living.



Some say the houses are bigger than they really are, as if they grow bigger on the inside than on the out. That is what I call space magic. This is a 12′ x 21′ house that is 13’6″ tall at the highest point inside.