TTH Getting ready for a Big SALE of Parts and Pieces

Just a few toys to sell that don’t fit in Tiny Houses as easy as others.

Never Before have I opened up my warehouses to retail since starting Tiny Texas Houses.  I will put up a huge portion of my inventory on sale as a retail operation to go with the launching of SalvageFaire in the Tiny Texas Territories I will call my Pure Salvage Living Renaissance Retreat for the Members.  I hope it will be something I can do as a fun and easy going last endeavor for my assets to date to be used for finally.  I hope to spend the rest of my days working on that and selling the plans, videos, perhaps some seminars, and write, travel perhaps, (though I have done more than most do in a lifetime so only special places appeal to me anymore. Australia/New Zealand are two)

French Door sets under original varnish in their jambs with original hardware.

The trick is how am I going to meet with people to sell it and who will I let in so that we don’t waste a bunch of time with people just looking at the stuff, handling it, messing it all up, and possibly getting hurt in the warehouses.  Still working on that.
So much to see and I still need to put up lights to see with, access to the top floors,


There will be many Giant Doors as in 40″ wide or more, 7′ tall and much more, big windows up to 9′ tall and even old store front windows.  Church parts and perhaps even a whole church worth of windows, doors, and all you need to create a Heaven’s Gateway of your own.  Oh yes and put the pews in too.


Pews, not paws, but 1880’s Pew ends and I have the 1×12 to make them back to the size you might want.

I have a large collection of Cypress Shutters that still have not made it onto the Tribute to Townes House yet to come.  Stay tuned for more info.

virgin sashes and windows mixed

For that special RR Depot I have yet to get done. Maybe in the Village there will be a Depot looking house.

Just an old stair way to someone’s Heaven