Our First Male House In A While. STill Unnamed.

TTH Manifestation Bay Hot Shots. ..July end wk 3

Here are some of the progress shots for the newest and some of the biggest houses we have ever created.  

Manifestation bay is nearly full as we enter the last week of July. Miss Lillie, the Temple Tantra, Vesper Casa, our unnamed male in the center, and another platform 30′ long and hidden from view.

Manifestation Bay Today

Manifestation Bay is nearly full it seems, 
with new life on the brink, 
from piles of trash to houses, 
in the hope it makes you think.

What do you really need to live,
to find your happiness?
It’s really pretty simple
if you choose to seek your bliss.

To find your spirit deep within,
you need no mansion near,
The “Things” that people value most 
are not important here.

It is the Love we use to form
the worlds that we seek.
The homes you see created 
are the words my thoughts do speak.

Solid and material,
they look like they should last,
and be the proof of what we had
abundant in our past.

The thoughts I’ve manifested,
will house people and their pets,
contain the dreams they have for life,
and heal their deep regrets.

They will shelter people from the world
so often cold or hot,
and give them someplace peaceful,
though just a tiny spot.

My thoughts thus manifested 
become my acts of love, 
that carry on as something blessed
created from above.

The spirits power to manifest 
our dreams and thoughts so pure,
give all the proof we need to test,
and know Love is the cure.

To heal the pain and planet,
To form the brand new world,
to manifest our destiny,
with the Spirit we unfurl.

Roll out your new reality,
quite simple and profound,
It is your acts not words my friends,
to which our fate is bound.

Enjoy my houses one and all,
these figments of my mind,
and know that you could also seek
and through this path thus find.

A Peace of Mind and Gratitude
For all the gifts we have,
just sitting at our fingertips,
Pure Salvage is our Salve.

Twill help us save the species,
to form the Peaceful path,
Where freedom leads us to our Truth,
and from the Devils wrath.

So join me in this Renaissance,
Pure Salvage is the Way,
to stop destroying what we have,
and bring Eden back to stay.



A peek at the tight end of Miss Lillie’s space in the TTH Manifestation Bay. She will need to be roller skated to a new spot soon as we dance the houses around and release the Temple Tantra to go to her new home.
Lots of good shots coming on the blog on Puresalvageliving.com today. I will post here when it is done but Facebook rarely lets all the people who have liked me know since I do not buy their advertising.
Hope you get to see more if you like this one.

The back porch of Vesper Casa with the front door in the view.

See the insulation on the ceiling of the porch

Miss Lillie from the porch side. This is a 12′ x 32′ Tiny Texas House, the biggest that we build. Anything more should be in a separate suite.

Insulation is Icynene, my favorite. Here you see the beaded board going up for wainscot.

Our first male house in a while. STill unnamed.