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Two day special offer! 1 House to leave Salvage, from those in progress or custom built.

In order to create a surge in cash flow to move things forward again, it appears like we may have to let one of the Tiny Texas Organic Cottages leave Salvage if we can not find someone to invest and leave a home here to use and make income from while not being used by the owners.  If left here, the space is free to sit on, the utilities and upkeep taken care of by us, and you just come and stay, relax, and take away your annual dividends that are 20 times you savings in the bank would produce.

So here are some options.  The Loopholer

Please consider joining us for a build of a Loopholer so as to learn how to teach others to use the screens, flooring, siding, and other parts of houses that will allow them to rebuild something rather than have no where to live and be forced into FEMA camps. We have alternatives and do not need the feds camps but their assistance to be able to train people to do this right this time.

can be finished out to be carried off to a ranch when it is done,

as can the Red Log Cabin,

The Red Log Cabin may be finished in time to be available for staying in overnight too, especially if we get an investor who buys it with our leaseback program so they can both use it and make a great income from it when they are not here.

This will be a unique house and demonstrate a cantilever design that makes it look like it should fall over, but also gets it much more living space upstairs.

Yes we do have a bit of stained glass, several pieces lined up right now, but a new buyer could have some say-so in some of those choices.

though they will certainly make more income for the owners if they stay here in Salvage, Texas.  If these houses interest you, now is the time to get your deposit in and help pick and choose some of the final choices ahead for finishing them out.

The Retreat is also on the list of houses to invest in, and possibly take away, though it is more limited on how far we can take it for it is a big house indeed.  It will cost more than $100,000 finished out so it is not the Walmart version of a tiny house.

What can we do to help create a great car or motorcycle rally starting and ending point for a weekend? We can supply the shade, protection from the rain, and location that keeps you near low traffic country roads, parks, rivers, and much more just a 45 minute to 1 1/2 hour drive from any big city around, Austin, San Antonio, or Houston.
Why not invest in having a get away house right out here in the middle of Texas to come to, share, and hand off to your loved ones after it is depreciated off against your taxes owed otherwise?

So I have set up several options for those who want to spend some time here helping to create an Artists retreat for events and festivals.  Being a part of it can be as simple as owing a house here, a vendor space for the future that you can use, and even have sleeping lofts above in the market place for your weekend stays.  Lots of possible ways to get involved and tap the future of bartering, markets for all things created in America, and all things created from the materials gifted to us from the past.

I am taking one order for a custom build house to leave Salvage, Texas early next year.  The deposit must come in by November 1st, so only 2 days to get in a custom order for a house as we are not planning on building more than a few to leave for 2018, if more than one needs to rather than stay, which is my preference.  For those that place an order to build an keep a Tiny Texas Organic Cottage here for them to use exclusively is also possible, particularly if they are going to be involved in taking over stewardship and running the Salvage Materials sales business, or other parts of taking over Tiny Texas Houses, Pure Salvage Living, and running Salvage, Texas as it grows over the decades ahead.  My time of running it is coming to an end so the stewards of the future must arrive soon or I will be selling off vast inventories to those who will carry this on in other places rather than just here in Texas.  The future belongs to the younger generations, thus to them I am hoping we can pass it along, but if not, then I am not sure where we will go as a society from this point forward in the building industry filled with toxic materials and only a $ in the eye of the builder, not the future of the generations who will suffer from the poor quality of construction that has taken over the housing industry in this age.  So it goes… as Vonnegut wrote.

We are also making thousands of doors and windows, 1,000’s of sq. ft. of flooring, siding, and roofing metal for sale to create your own Organic cottages and houses elsewhere using your human energy and imagination instead of mine. Please join me in considering how you can help make a difference, to help manifest the town of Salvage, Texas, and to create a place where people can come to learn about an alternative path to the consumerism and TV world that seems to have taken over our society.  Meet people face to face instead of on screen, and develop a sense of community with real people over the years ahead when you help by adding your life energy, resources, and imagination to creating a town we can leave behind with pride as an example of what could be done to create sustainable housing in the future.

Oh yes, and the houses that are available to stay in overnight in Salvage, Texas are your chance to feel the difference building with pure organic matter can make instead of using all the toxic outgassing modern building materials that most people are used to seeing in houses these days.  Come experience what a 67 sq ft house feels like, or 80 sf, or a bit bigger.  See why having 5 tiny houses is better than one big one.
For more information, please visit our Youtube channel too as we have many things to see there as well.