I Bow In Thanks As The Sun Sets And Hope That You Will Dream Of The Things That You Can Do In Life To Make More Than Would Seem From The Great Imaginations That Form Miracles It Seems.

Two great new Videos shot live on our Facebook page & More News

Yes it is true, we have been using the new option on Facebook to do live casting of video so we have taken that opportunity to explain some of the ways we have come up with for the public to help us manifest the next phase of developing Salvage, Texas.  I am not asking anyone to just give us money and never have, even when I was eating out of dumpsters to survive at 25 years old.  InsteadI want everyone to benefit by investing in one way or another and getting great gifts, benefits, and even an incredible return on your investment if you are looking for one.   We are full of ideas, have the land, materials, and proof that we can do what we set out to do.  Now we just need another splash of cash flow to fuel the next stage, literally, of our progress.

Imagine, if you had invested into Microsoft or Ebay in the very beginning, or any other software or web company in their beginning stages.  We offer Lifeware on how to gain the life skills, means, materials, and turn them into a future for you and your family.   We want to produce and publish through our recordings studios, our videos, our books, and more…. with events that promote person to person, face to face energy exchange of the most incredible kind.  Join us in utilizing the amazing power of our ingenuity, imagination, and willingness to fail so as to learn what the solutions are ahead, without throwing out the many lessons of the past.

Thank you for visiting, sharing, and if you are already a member, helping us manifest a vision that will light up the lives of many with opportunities as bright as the sun.

Music and film festival stages will be going up to top off our recording studios, now finished, our restaurant, nearly finished, and the many places to camp, stay in organic houses, and escape from the city into a fantasy world we are calling Salvage, Texas.  It will be the example of what can be done to create an on grid/off grid town out of imagination, human energy, and 95% Pure Salvage.  Please consider joining us and playing a part in creating something bigger than all of us that could not be created without all of us helping manifest what will last for generations to come and change the fabric of our culture if we succeed.  High expectations but if you look, I have a long record of incredible successes where others thought I would fail and I have never been as sure of the success of anything I have manifested yet as much as what is coming into reality now.  Thank you for sharing if you can not help yourself financially, your connections, links, and support may be more important than money, and surely, your support has been what has kept me going through the times i had great doubts.  Now I see the end of a tunnel that has a bright light at the end, one of Peace and Prosperity, of empowerment and success, of passion and hope for the masses who will be able to manifest miracles with the solutions that the Pure Salvage Living Renaissance has to offer.

There are so many types of Salvage Booty Prizes to be given away this year Ghost writers for the essay contests, music jingles, drawings, and more, many of which few can imagine as parts and pieces of an Organic Cottage get assembled again and show what is possible. We will demonstrate how that can happen in real life as we design with the prize package each month. We plan to give the materials package to someone at the end of each contest to do with as they please, and follow up on the results. We promise to share them, good or bad, and let you know of some of the traps of this new industry. This is about a Renaissance in thinking of how we will build our future housing and the treasures found in Salvage.

My job in this lifetime is simply to help manifest somethings that will seed the minds of those who come to follow the ethos of respecting the past, our resources, the planet, ancestors, and all species that share our Mother Earth.  I hope to open the minds of the younger generations to the Renaissance Man perspective that will allow them to grow their dreams into a career and future for their families.  I open my arms to those who wish to share in this dream of leaving behind a place far better than I was gifted with to start.  I will help create income through supporting sprouting entrepreneurs by helping them get started with training, materials, and support online that will give them the rest of the tools they need to create Pure Salvage Outpost Co-ops where houses can be build sharing the tools, spaces, inventory, and experience of the elders, the energy and strength of the youth, and the empowerment that community support offers over government by helping get the variances to corporate established building codes so as to once again be able to use salvaged materials to build in the cities.  With the co-operation, not even their help, and perhaps a tax credit for the percentage of a house that is built from what would have filled landfills without cause or future taxation, I can create 50,000,000 jobs, careers, and houses in the next 5-10 years.  Less than $5,000,000 in see money would crank up 2-3 such models with the market, warehouses, training, and means to replicate the model we are starting with called Salvage, Texas.  Once complete, with B&B, camping, music and film venues, a Salvagefaire market for barter, trade, and education that will attract people from around the country, but especially the 18,000,000 people who live within a hour and a half drive of this location.

Here is an overview of the 43 acres that comprise Salvage, Texas. There is even some land available for compatible investors to help develop and call their own while helping establish a place for the organic minded people who are seeking paths to sustainable and healthy living. Salvage, Texas will be a town where we have proven what you can do to manifest your dreams of downsizing organically one day.

Please consider joining me and possibly investing in some of the extra acres in our 43 acres nest, own a house or three to make income off from and use for your business or rest.  Share, visit for our tours, become a member, or gift someone a membership that might have a chance at winning one of the building material packages that we will be giving away for prizes this year.  Some will win for no more than the best dog or cat house to be build for a contest.  How much fun is that?  Gotta grandkid you wish to gift life skills and an organic ethos of living healthy?  This is how because they can become interns for a month or two and learn a lifetime of skills that will enable them to always put a roof over their families heads and make a good living as a carpenter that can build with what others consider trash, much like Jesus did.  We teach men and women how to build house, not to be life long renters and thus free them from the matrix if they so choose to work their way into a simpler life with more to gain and less to lose.

Please visit the Facebook site to see more in video form as we traverse the grounds of Salvage, Texas and you get to see what has already been done to create this paradise over the last decade.  Also in the meantime, why not check out this post on the next contest where you can win the parts you need to make your dreams of an organic cottage come true too.

So please let me know if we can be of help, share with you the great rewards your participation can provide for you and your family, and best of all, what our success will do to help make sustainable living possible for the generations who want it.   That is the reason for asking for your support, nothing but the best of intentions back up by a long history of doing the right thing, giving the plans, photos, and education to the public to make this possible for all, and to promote a healthy home being built sustainably, and able to last for generations to come.

Ready to take part in making dreams come true, miracles happen for those who expected it least, and possibilities that few considered possible in 2017. Join me for this adventure in creative contests to demonstrate to the millions who follow them, how 12 couples will take the treasure of the past and turn them into their dream cottages of the future.  

Thank you, thank you, thank you…. I am indebted to many to have gotten this far, but the world we are creating is meant to be one of the future solutions you will need to make your life fulfilling and profitable as well as one that makes a difference in the world ahead.


Would you believe you could win thousands of dollars worth of materials, like doors, windows, flooring, siding, and more? Check out the second contest and see what pops up for your future today!