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Two Story House in Mineral Wells

Name: Lucy Lovely
Phone: (940) 445 – 7554
Mailing Address:
1165 FM 3027 Mineral Wells texas 76067

Looking For:  To get an old house, barn or outbuilding on my property torn down/removed

Building(s) to be Deconstructed: the building is fire damaged and will be demolished and a lien placed on it for demolition  by the city of Mineral wells, texas unless i make other arrangements. My friend was killed in the fire and left me the building so i must do something soon..  it is on an eighth of an acre and takes up most of the lot, probably about 40 feet by 100 feet or so, 2 storeys high. the roof is badly damaged, but the floors throughout the house are mostly still in good shape. The house was built in 1920. The damage is severe in some parts of the house, and untouched in others. The shell of the house except for the roof and windows is good.Most walls inside and the staircase are intact except for smoke. I don’t know exactly how much time i have to get the building down, but weeks is a better estimate than months in the time allowed.

Size of Building(s): 2 storeys 40100x

Location of Building(s): 307 NW 3rd Street Mineral Wells Texas 76067

I want from the Deconstruction:  I just want building removed cleanly and the materials to be reused by others so they don’t go in a landfill

Time Frame: I’d like to have it removed in the next 1-3 months

Put in Classifieds: Yes

Referral: YouTube