In The Comfort Cabin, Here Is The Long View Of The Kitchen Through The Living Room Of Course.  Down The Hall Will Be The Bathroom Then The Bedroom At The End.  The Loft Will Go Above It And A Big One It Will Be.

Unfurling the Renaissance

I will live here soon. My home is finally ready for my life to ease into another mode of thinking that this house will help me do.

Here you see the cabinet for the fridge being built to fit

Unfurling the RenaissanceThe Comfort Cabin kitchen is coming right along. 
The fridge is getting covered with a cabinet full of shelves.
Beaded wood adorns the doors and gives it color too.
The layout of this house is one that likely works for you.It is the heart of this grand house, 
the center of the home.
From here the tummy gets fulfilled,
before you leave to roam. 

Twill be here when you come to rest, 
from working long and hard,
providing you with all you wish,
when looking at the stars.

So join me in my salvaging,
to build a brand new world.
The Pure Salvage Living Renaissance
is thus globally unfurled.



The Comfort Cabin from the end, the back side in full view. The end will have an open porch that wraps around the side where it will be screened in the full length.

The bedroom is feeling bigger and the loft is still to come.

The long view of the kitchen through the living room of course. Down the hall will be the bathroom then the bedroom at the end. The loft will go above it and a big one it will be.