Vesper Casa Balcony, a place to Sit & See

Vesper Casa Balcony, a place to Sit & See

Yes she is coming along, soon to get her posts and her windows at the top. Still for now she’s looking stunning and I think she knows it to, for the is smile on her balcony as she’s looking straight at you.

A Juicy Vesper Kitchen shot to show off all the shelves, but the sinks and cabinets are still getting their final spray paint job so they will match the stove and fridge. Makes you wonder what they will look like doesn’t it?

This is the first house I have gone wild using the slabs of Mesquite, Live Oak, Pecan, Long Leaf Pine, Cypress, and other woods I have in stash. I like it and will surely do others full of this sort of natural shelve and nook looks.

a Juicy Vesper Kitchen shot though still without the sinks.

Since I may have a few thousand feet of this left, I suspect you will see alot of it in the Tiny Texas Territories where I plan to put and keep the next hundred Purely Organic Tiny Houses here for people to stay in, live in, and help form the market and villages for others to experience. Maybe then people will consider this a serious and viable solution for many of the problems we face as a society and species today.

The path to Vesper Balcony is through the dressing room, with the bars closed till its time to go out and share the day or night before you go to sleep or simply dream awake.

Again, the past offers more than we need if we don’t waste the gifts we already have in hand. Please see and appreciate, inspire others and participate in making the Pure Salvage Living Renaissance a resonating platform that will help bring positive change into everyones life. Help make people aware this is possible with salvage and they too will open their eyes and wallets to helping make it our future reality.

Vesper Casa Break Balcony is oiled and ready for imagination, dreams, and a view of the world few will ever share. Such is what life should be about.

Here is Vesper’s Balcony with the side doors to the balcony closed instead of open to let more air pass through. The baby doors in the railing are Teak and were part of the window that originally incorporated the iron railing inside of it to keep people from coming through the opening as it never had glass in it. We took it all apart and repositioned the pieces, adding very few more parts, such as the spindles in between the cast iron railings that are made of wood.
This is a beautiful reworking of the window and the incorporation of two Corbels that came from North of Texas in the bread basket states.
That makes this an international balcony with parts and pieces from around the world, artifacts brought back to life once more.
Thank you for following along and hopefully adopting the Pure Salvage Living Renaissance into your decision making process about how you will build your next house or remodel the one you have. Think Salvage Please.

Vesper Balcony was once the lower half of this window.

a close up to see the many details in the trim.