Vesper Casa’s Baby moves around so Free

Vesper Casa’s Baby Roaming¬†Freely

She sometimes hides in shyness but its just for play you see, cause she really likes to hear your words and see you feeling free.

The disappearing Vesper Baby / reappearing / hiding about in the Vesper Casa, here is an easy spot shot.

Who would have thought Kelly would have let us play with her tricky tiny Cupid as it slips around the place.

I think she happens to be sized to fit near anywhere she want to manifest at when there is a load to bear.

Vesper Baby on the Table where a whisper will go far, a helping hand to carry weight, an ear to hear the groans, but best of all a heart of gold, for she is here for you, and to be just where you need her is and answered prayer that True.

She will ease the weight and share a smile,

a story of her lives,
and once she moves you’ll understand
that’s when your load seems Light.

Baby Vesper Looking at the kitchen while holding up the loft
and for any other Baby that would probably be enough.
But still she like conversing as you add your Love to food
and do all that she can to guarantee the best of moods.

For every test we pass and grow
still greater tests we’ve yet to know.
It is the strength we’ve gathered here
that you will need instead of Fear.

Baby Vesper on the Cooler watching what you bake. She loves to see though she’ll never eat and only get to look.

So know the past has given you
the knowledge, Love, and Death to prove
That Man survives near anything
In Truth and Spirit,
Freedom Sings.


Waiting silently for dinner time or share a quiet spot of tea, but it can not have that caffeine if you share with my Baby.

Building Passion that will Last
Organic Homes made from the Past.

The Casa Vesper Baby always stays well hid inside for the sanctuary beckons and it has the best of Light.

Remember please, this is only a 12′ x 28′ Tiny Texas House with a sleeping loft that does not count as living space on taxes here in Texas and with porches you could live on all your life.