The Vesper Casa Living Room, Kitchen, And Mesquite Nook,  And Also Has The Stair Tree That I Did Here In Invent.

Vesper Casa’s Rock Angel brought Friends

The friends arrive to see the new digs.

This Angel was cast long ago,

This Tiny Angel fits so well though I did not know he’d come for I had not known he did exist until he just showed up.

made from the Earth with Love. 

A Vesper Casa Angel from a brother now Gone OnVesper Casa Has a real Angel made from the Earth with Love. 
He brings with him some friends who watch his sister from above.
This house like all my others is a great place for the Soul.
So warm and full of wood that has agreed to play this role.

To nurture and protect us from the storms outside its walls.
This house will come to life again when anyone should call.
It will sooth your pains of loneliness 
and let you dream of love.

It will keep you warm into the night
and block the sun of day,
Keep you cool when it is burning out,
let you hide or simply play.

This Angel comes with many friends 
Who likewise love this home,
and thus you’ll always feel their Love,
calling out when you should roam. 

And so you will come rushing back,
as if you missed your child,
and know that here you will find peace,
and protection from the wilds.