Vesper Railings all around

Vesper Railings All Around

Here is a view of some of the racks Kelly brought us to create a unique railing, naturally formed in every way, though I did not do the harvesting.

Bodark forms the lofty rail
sitting large and high above.
You’ll see the vines have grown that form
the handrail to the top.

Vesper’s treasure load of lood types, from Bodark and Grape vines for railings, Mesquite and Oaks, Pines, and Cypress all making up the Stairtree, and Teak above in the windows, this is truly a treasure trove of species all unique and full of charm.

Looking at the bedroom from the entry to the balcony, the Long view you might say.

They wrap you so you can not fall,
nor poke out eyes or more,
lest one seek to do so with intent,
I doubt such is in store.

The kitchen you look down on
as you climb up to the loft
is unique in every way and form,
with curves to make is soft.

Relax with-in this wooden nymph,
an answered prayer indeed,
where the evenings will go happily
into the land of dreams.

The mornings will be sunrise filled
with Light though muted glass
whose textures in the upper loft
will help your mornings last.

Let night dreams turn to Daydreams
and then soon into Real.
Manifest your fate and Destiny
once You can Truly Feel.

Enjoy the Time you have on Earth
and Leave it Better Still,
So those that follow too will find,
that Life is still a Thrill.


Going Down at Vesper Casa, is like nothing I have seen,
for the circle is unbroken and intends to make you Free.
Take a bit more time enjoying every step you take and know,
that the path that you have chosen for the day that you will grow.
May it be a simply happy path you chose this sunny day,
and may just lead to joyfullness along the merry way.
I hope you get to join them thus also dream of this fine day.