Vicki Zebu gets her Bath, and a Kitchen that is fresh and new.

This is the 5″ Long Leaf Pine beaded board that was a wall in El Campo. It will be the floor of the Temple Tantra for the rest of its life, as well as in here, the Monty Grand Victorian, the Vicky Zebu, and a few more before I use it up.  Then the Concrete Bootcamp produced the same so we have lots more too.  Yum yums up to 17′ long.  Perhaps hundreds of years from now someone will see that the other side was also beaded and still in perfect shape. This is 1 1/8″ thick and knot free, much of it in that house was 16’+ long and had the Original Milk paint as its only coat of color, or merely more milk paint.


The Arched Vicki’s bathroom door.

I used a couple of different houses for sources, inpart for the colors, but also for the principle of mixing up as many houses as I can into one.
The incredible window may well date to the 1880’s or earlier and has some nice history besides the amazing reds someone crafted from sand and gold that will adorn my office for the rest of my life and longer if all goes well.

These are the things I love to pass along and preserve, to leave for others to enjoy long after I am gone. Who could not want for such a fate for the creations of our forefathers that were so filled with Love that it still rains out upon us as we savor it today.

several different ways of looking at it.

Perhaps one day generations away, others will still get to see what I have created from what others thought was trash and wonder at the time when Man would throw such treasure away. This is what I strive for, these are my seeds I plant. I pray they find your fertile soil, in your dreams and in your plans, such that you thus create your own sweet fantasy for life.

Kitchen and bath unite but don’t feel tight.