The Ark Will Be One Of The Houses In The Trick Or Treat Tour As Well As Available For Staying In Over Night On During The Special Events Or Normal BnB Days Too.  We May Even Reposition It By The Pond This Month If We Get Some Extra Help Who Will Then Get To Spend A Night Or Two In It This Year For Free For Helping Get It Moved.  Up For A Days Work?

Vicky Won is SOLD, so only 2 more Organic Cottages & the Goldwing Bonus Option rolls over to You?

Yes, Vicky Won’s new owner showed up this last weekend and joined our village by investing in an Tiny Texas Organic Cottage that will begin paying them big dividends back now, along with some great tax benefits, and 30 days a year to come and visit, share in the events, and relax out of the city.  

How about you?  Do you have that great get away ready for your visit, all cleaned up, with trees, ponds, birds, and frogs sharing your space at night?  You could, without the worry of maintaining it when not there, have a house in the heart of the three best cities to get out of in Texas, Houston, San Antonio, and Austin.  Why not have a house hidden off the highway where you can escape to in 45 minute, rendezvous with a friend from another city, spend a romantic night away where no one would think to even look for you, and have it all be a tax write off.  Does it get any better?  NO!  10% annual return paid in a dividend quarterly that will be 20 times better than any retirement fund, bank account, and oh yes, you have an appreciating asset you can depreciate on your taxes too, and you can gift it to a loved one when you are done depreciating it, without any tax consequences to them for the income you can pass on, besides the house tax free.

Anyone want to buy a great Honda Goldwing to store at your garage  How about as a bonus for the first two years of your dividends paid back when you invest in one of the Tiny Texas Cottages?  I may even create a tiny garage so you can drive out of the city in a car, drive the bike around the beautiful country roads along the rivers through small towns.

 Yes, this is part of the beauty of investing in Salvage, Texas and owning a piece of it that will benefit not just you, but the many who will get to come and see what can be done to build a town out of the finest of the materials ever harvested from our lands.  Trees that were hundreds of years old when cut down, harvested by hand without electricity in a day when men worked for tokens, not dollars in the lumber industry.  Truly the energy saved by not making new glass, tubs, sinks, and other high energy and resource consumption products, we can save more energy when we create a house then it will consume during its projectable 100 year life, for heating, cooling, and operations to live there comfortably.  It is amazing, but the actual energy needed to harvest the materials out of one larger 3 bedroom house and produce two tiny houses will be less than 60 gallons in diesel fuel worth of energy to run all the tools it will take to complete the transition.  

The Gypsy Too will be looking on as we complete the next two houses and you could help determine their final look.  Not sure we will offer this one up for investors yet as I really love it for my Tantra Village collection.

This is the beginnings of the first Loopholer which is new design that will be used to create houses that can be dismantled into a 20 pieces and reassembled quickly in remote locations with few or no utilities. The design also gets around most of the regulations stopping you from putting up a tiny house in your back yard or on your property too. (secrets)

Now this is in the giant class of my Tiny Texas Organic Houses… for it would have as much as 800 sf of living space yet only be taxable for about 326 of it on the first floor. Energy efficient, and designed to last for a century. You could invest in this one and own it, but it will take a bit more than a $100,000 to get that 10% annual return out of this beast, with depreciation though, you could reap well over $200,000 in benefits, income, and get to use it for nearly a year of days during the period that I lease this incredible house back from you. Then, after the 10 year lease is up, you could take it to your land, or leave it here and remain a part of Salvage, Texas for the long run with income increasing dramatically for the next decade.


That will include the energy costs to create the windows, doors, sink, tub, hardware for doors, kitchen, plumbing fixtures, showers walls, windows, and even all the lumber, siding, flooring, roofing, kitchen cabinets, stairs, and possibly wiring, for the both of the houses created from one old dilapidated house.   We only have to buy NEW: the screws, nails, house wrap, roof under layment, insulation, new plumbing lines, and some electrical items for which the New Energy for manufacturing and resources would be required thus 95% of the Organic Cottage is salvaged materials, toxin free, and full of embodied energy…  both human and the fossil fuels used to manufacture, transport, warehouse, retail, and deliver to the building site from around the world as imports.  

Remember when we gave away this house for 300 words and a $50 entry fee? Many wanted to enter after it was too late and long after it was over the people asked if I would ever do one again. If this works this time, we will do 11 more contests of various sorts for 2017 with prize packages that will get better as more people participate.

Here is an overview of the 43 acres that comprise Salvage, You could be camping in Surewould Forest, or staying in an organic cottage in Salvage, Texas. There is even some land available for compatible investors to help develop and call their own while helping establish a destination point where Beings can learn about many things for the organic minded living. We are seeking who are creating the paths to sustainable to healthy living. Salvage, Texas will be a town where we have proven what you can do to manifest your dreams of downsizing organically one day and sharing how to get along with others from around the galaxy as we develop the future of the planet together now.

None of the materials for one of the Tiny Texas Organic Cottages needs to be imported.  NONE of the human energy needs to be immigrant labor required to build the houses, to take down the houses, barns, and buildings filled with such treasure as I use.  We can not feasibly export the salvage, have it build in Mexico or China, and ship it back so that means Americans will need to do all the work to make the houses in our country out of American materials… and yet that seems like a nobel concept in this day and age.  It should not!

Do we really see our selves in the mirror? When you look close into your own eyes, deep into the Being there within… Do You See Your “Self” and Love YOU Unconditionally?  Then treat yourself to a delightful new path that will set you free to be who you are behind the masks you wear to get by in a world you no longer wish to be a part of.

We are still going and growing for the celebrations of our new life and path as we realize that no matter how bad some things get, we will continue to believe solutions are possible, Thrive through ingenuity, not just survive. Join us!

Salvage, Texas is cranking up Salvagefaire Market in October and that will include some events as attractions to show people all the cool things we can build from salvage.  One of the great events going on is the House of Insanity, or the Horror House From Salvage Nightmares with a dungeon to be done for the big final week of October celebrations.  Let us Scare the Fear out of you so that you can enter the New Age knowing how to escape the matrix and get into an Organic lifestyle that will set you FREE from the drone life that you are intended to live, a debt slave handcuffed to rent, taxes, and TV for your only hope of escape.  LIVE by creating, using your energy to manifest your dreams instead of watching others experience theirs on TV!  Go for the simpler life that lets you do the things you want to do instead of keep up with the sheeple around you.  Break free from the herd, come to Salvage, Texas and let us help you see that there is nothing to fear but FEAR itself and that is what the mass media keeps dishing out… and it is as fake as the horror you will see here, but the thrill of the adrenalin rush, the knowing yet reacting as you jump, will help us all laugh off our fears, and know we will come out the back door of whatever Hell comes our way with a bright light shining as our Guide to the life we want to live… without FEAR.

One of the attractions and events we are launching with promises some great entertainment as well as a good excuse to put on your biker costume and come play your favorite role with friends.

We are  putting together the Zombie hunting Shooting Practice Gallery now, using paintball guns to train the future warriors who may face the unknown and rather than fear it, will know how to blow it out of their way and keep on going toward the light at the end of the tunnel.  Yes, shoot the bad guys, or just the targets to see how you might survive if the time ever came.  Not a real gun, but for those who have never shot a real gun, this is as close as you may want to go, for these paintballs are accurate enough from far enough away to know if you could hit a target, let alone moving Zombie that might spray you with viral filled Zombie Blood that will force you to get the dreaded Zombie Vaccine that the CDC has already prepared for you if you want to get it when you leave… or our preservative free version you can get on site… heh hehh.  

I realize the words I write will not set well with some yet help others hear a call to Wake Up and take control of the life they are living rather than let the circumstances steel your hope or passion away. We have many solutions but most will take some work. Salvage, Texas is being created to show people what some of the other possibilities could be if we wish to look for them.

The last weekend of the month will be filled with tons of things to do, architectural antiques, windows, doors, and much more, even a giant door maze that will keep you looking for a long time and may mean you have to pay to get out of the Door Store unlike any you have ever seen… ooops most people do not even know what a door store could be… let alone at Salvage, Texas where doors can be hundreds of years old, as well as the hardware created when 12 year olds pulled the coal from the mines to heat the ore to form the brass and iron without electricity or power tools.  

Campers will have the bath house to shower, look great after costuming the night away, heh, or if you just want to get away.

It is amazing what ingenuity could do in the not so distant past that humans have forgotten in just a few generations.  Come and see, be amazed, and wonder at what you could do if you turned your mind and imagination toward creating an Organic Cottage to live in for the rest of your life.  We will be offering seminars on all things old, from fixing up old doors, windows, flooring, and even creating houses out of the parts and pieces you will be able to buy at Salvagefaire Market year round.  Hardware for doors, windows, and so much more, all at a one stop market that will have the people and passion, the knowledge and wisdom, to teach lifeskills one needs to get out, and stay out of the matrix, to live an organic off grid lifestyle that will let you escape the city, perhaps form a community of like minded people, and do it all with salvage and human energy, as well as your imagination and ingenuity.  The challenge is worth it I promise for the life you can find at the end of the tunnel is so much brighter than you imagined while in the dark and wondering what you were working so hard to get to in the end.  It is here, hidden in the fabric of my imagination, in the form of a town created from salvage that comes from as far away as Chicago, Buffalo, St. Louis, Lincoln, Minneapolis, and so many rural towns I can not count them all, let alone list them.  Thousands of houses, barns, buildings, taken down carefully and the parts stored for the day that I could create a Utopian example of what we could do if we set our goals high enough and ventured out of the proverbial box that seems to have kept our population blinded to the cost of our wasteful ways.  Now that the country and the people are in debt and should not be buying all new imports that worsen the global condition but instead become part of the Pure Salvage Living Renaissance that proposes we conserve, respect, and honor our ancestors, planet, and future we leave to our children’s children.  The time has come for our species and society to mature and see the big picture, then apply the self discipline to take the right action, individually living the simpler lifestyle, polluting less, and taking better care of our body, our vessel so that we can be healthy and not burden others with the consequences of our bad habits and lifestyle choices.  We can make a difference if we unite to work for a future we can be proud to leave our children and those who follow.  This is not the state of affairs we have now, and I pray we will get the courage and will it takes to create the impetus to move us into a new way of thinking, of acting, and thus create a better future for all the people of the planet, not just the elite.

We will be cranking up the Salvagefaire Market, Horror house, Spooky Campgrounds, the Trick or TreaT through the Salvage, Tx. Sweets & Fear trail. We will also be having some incredible parties on the last weekend, perhaps a Spooky Ball you will join us at, so please get in touch as vendors, sponsors, and secure you spaces for the events.

So the 2 other houses that are still available for investors, which will actually allow for some customizing as we are just finishing the “Red Log Cabin” and the “Loopholer” which are intended to join the others in the back that are part of the bed and breakfast platform we are creating to go with Salvagefaire where the music and film festivals, market, and seminars will keep the houses filled when the interstate highway and members do not.

The Ark will be one of the houses in the Trick or Treat tour as well as available for staying in over night on during the special events or normal BnB days too. We may even reposition it by the pond this month if we get some extra help who will then get to spend a night or two in it this year for free for helping get it moved. Up for a days work?

Oh yes, and if you are interested in one of the last houses available to the public for investment in Salvage, Texas and a great income for you based on a solid asset instead of paper IOU’s, give us a call and perhaps even drive off on a Classic Goldwing with the side car for your favorite pet… heh.  Let me know soon at if I can help you figure out what to do next to make your life one that you will love living every day.





To find out more please contact Brad or Heath at