Vicky Zebu’s time is Near

Vicky Zebu’s Eyes

Vicky Zebu’s Time is Near

So we started prepping Vicky

for the show that lies ahead,

for the trip across Big Texas,

off to Midland thus to rest.

She is getting close and looking good,
the boys will all be stunned,
but the women will see beauty
and know this is one for them.

A woman can find friendhsip
with a home where hearts will thrive.
She can care for and admire her
as if a Mom that were alive.

Then someday when you’re weak and old,
your friend will care for you,
she’ll keep you warm,
and dry through storms,
she’ll let cool breezes in.

My dearest friend I’ve brought to life,
from many other forms,
of Love put into houses,
and of Hearts that made them homes.

I offer up my masterpiece
of what some would have called trash,
in order to awaken you
I hope to see at last….

For in this gross illusion
that “Tis ony New that’s good”
the best we ever had is lost
though it is “tried and trued.”

I hope this image reaches you,
with open mind and heart,
so that you may see the beauty
and perhaps your dreams will start

Such that all the children waiting
for a future that is Pure
Will find Salvage Living gives them
all they need to be secure.

Darby 2013

Looking in to Paradise.